What to wear when you want to go from day to night!

day to night 2

Ahh this is a styling challenge.  For anyone!  Here is where men have it easy: they really don’t need to do much to go from day to night.  Especially when there are office after parties, happy hours, or simply you have a date after work!  You need to look work appropriate, but still want to look special at night.  So what should you wear?  Here are some tips to make that transition from day to night:


-Wear a blazer at work, but take it off at night.  Be a lady at the office, but you can slip it off later when you’re ready to party!

dress jacket.jpg


-Accessorize.  And this runs this gamut here with what you can do.  Maybe you didn’t have any jewelry on when you came to work, but at night throw on a pair of statement earrings, necklace, or bracelet.  Throwing on some jewelry just makes you look more festive.



-Switch your bag for a clutch.  Why carry your big bag around all night when you could be socializing & having cocktails?  Best idea: get a clutch that fits inside your bag, so that you can bring it to work, & just bring your essentials.  Tip: put your bag away somewhere safe at work, where you can lock it up.  Another tip: Always make sure your clutch is big enough to fit your phone.  You can’t enjoy the night with your cell phone in one hand, & your phone in the other.



-Change your shoes.  Maybe you were wearing flats or Mary Janes at work. Hey, you want to be professional, & comfortable at the same time.  This is the time you can break out the high heels.  Whether they’d be strappy sandals, or sparkly pumps, here is your chance to accent your look without being too obvious.


Go from this..                                                                   …to that!


-Intensify your makeup.  It may sound like a lot, but it’s not.  Maybe you were wearing just eyeliner to work; perhaps you want to add eyeshadow & mascara.  Go from just wearing chapstick to a red lip, or a deep rouge.  It’s just those subtle touches that takes your look from everyday to extraordinary.  day to night makeup.jpg

day to night makeup 2.png

-Change your hairstyle.  This isn’t mandatory, but it is nice change up when you go from day to night.  Personally, when I’m eating or drinking, I prefer my hair up.  A french twist always makes women look more elegant.  If you feel your best foot forward is with your hair down, then go with it!

woman blouse


-And what to wear as your foundation pieces?  The most flexible pieces you could wear would be either a sheath, or a fitted & flared dress.  It’s great to go with something that has texture, or a print, but when in doubt go with the LBD.  It’s the most versatile thing you could wear.  In the colder months?  You could wear tights with your dress; or what I would do instead is wear a sparkly top with skinny pants / leggings.  This depends greatly upon your office environment, & the dress code at work.



day to night 3

day to night

day to night 4.jpg

Whatever your event may be, go out & have fun!


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