Have A Wedding To Go To? Check Out This List Of Inexpensive Wedding Gifts!

wedding gifts

Ah, weddings.  Most people dream of their special day.  But what about someone else’s special day?   There are people who roll their eyes at the thought of spending more money on wedding gifts.  It seems that the more weddings you go to, the more cash you have to shell out.  But no longer!  In this modern day & age, there are people who have started to prefer smaller, more personal parties than the big weddings of yore.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a wedding gift, & here are some ideas for great wedding gifts on a budget!


-Make a scrapbook.  There are lots of people who are DIYers, & making a scrapbook is a great idea!  You could literally pick one up for $10!  The best idea, would be to fill it with pictures of the couple-to-be.  Don’t have a lot of pictures of them?  You could add in photos of places they’ve been to, or pictures of them with family / friends.  When you head over to stores like Target, or even better, Michaels, they sell all kinds of decals & decorations that you can use to dress up the book!



brooklyn bridge


-Photo / Music CD or Video DVD.  Of course if you’re more tech savvy, & not the scrapbook making kind, you could also take all of their photos & make a DVD out of it!  Head over to your local Duane Reade, or CVS, & at the photo printing kiosks you can make a photo slideshow burnt onto a CD!  For an audio cd, you could burn some romantic songs that are fitting to them, or songs that you enjoyed together as friends.


Gift Basketbc592-spa-essentials-lavender-gift-box-l12747202a

-Gift Basket. You could buy one, or create one of your own!  And no, I’m sorry this is not the time to give fruit.  Basket ideas:

-Bath & body products, and / or lotion

-Wine / Champagne with cheese

-Liquor sampler (small bottles of liquor that you could put together)

-DVDs with popcorn & snacks for the movie buffs (throw some chocolate / caramel popcorn in there!)

-Items for a romantic dinner: pasta, wine, candles, flowers, hor d’oeuvres, or DIY ideas like chocolate dipped strawberries!


collage picture frame 2collage picture frame 1

-Framed pictures of the couple.  Did you know that you could pick up frames like these for as cheap as $10?  Of course, the prices go up from there.  Pick up some pictures of the couple off their Facebook or Instagram, & you have a unique sentimental wedding gift that no one else has given them!  Check out some collage photo frames here!


lyrics on canvas

-Lyrics to one of their favorite songs on canvas.  Even better if they have a song together!  You could ask the bride / groom what the song they plan on dancing to (for their first dance), or a song that you know symbolizes their feelings.  (It could be either the bride / the groom.)  You could literally buy a canvas & paint it on yourself!  Not only a song, but a quote / phrase about love is quite romantic as well.  For a customizable canvas, it could cost you $25!  Click here for options on customized prints on canvas!


photo canvas

-A photo on canvas.  Speaking of canvas, you could also get a picture on them on it as well!  Don’t have any pictures of them?  No problem!  You could also mount a picture of a place they’ve been to together, or of their honeymoon location!  And if you do it yourself, you could literally do it for only $5! Or if you don’t like to DIY, click here to get photos on canvas!


goodbeing box

-A subscription they would love.  Subscription services are getting more popular, but are not common as gifts.  Ideally if you sign one up for the couple, you should chip in for a couple of months.  And no, not a magazine subscription.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive; they’re as cheap as $10 a month!  How many months you would like to purchase, is up to you.  If they love movies, get them a subscription to Hulu or Netflix (both start at $8 a month!) if they’re foodies, get them a food subscription!  There are food subscription services now that offer i.e. organic food, or an international food sampler!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Click here for a comphensive list of subscription boxes, or check out my list of beauty subscriptions click on UPDATED!! Get makeup sets sent to you for as little as $10 a month, including one by Sephora!!


-A DIY sharpie gift.  This idea came to me actually, from a coworker.  One time our supervisor was sick, & she got this idea for everyone to sign a mug sending her our best wishes.  She also asked for everyone to donate a tea bag, so that she could wrap it up inside the mug as a gift.  Not only did we all sign the mug (like a card), my coworker told me that you can bake it so that it becomes permanent.  Once completed, bake it in the oven for 30 min at 350 degrees Farenheit.  Bring out your creative side!  (And make sure you buy ceramic dishware!)  Click here to read instructions on how to do it!


relationship map frame

-Make a relationship map.  Of course, you could do this with smaller individual picture frames, as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, you could put little mini maps / photos of places the happy couple has been to.  For me personally, I would love it if someone put the names underneath each map / photo.


print candles

-Make your own custom printed candle.  This was a unique idea that I came across on Pinterest!  You could buy a rubber stamp, & write whatever you’d like to the couple.  Whether it’d be a poem, lyrics, story, or just best wishes!  And then simply print it on candles!


-A personalized gift.  I think this is a great gift for anyone; & I would love to receive a gift like this!  You could (again) get a photo, get it engraved, framed, printed on a mug.  You could get their names embroidered on towels!  If you check the personalized gifts at Walmart, prices start at just $11!  Who said lovely presents had to be expensive?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to give someone a special present.  Quite often, it’s the thought that counts.  I’m quite used to people giving / receiving money as presents; but I would almost prefer one of the above gifts because they mean so much more than a fist full of cash.  Whatever you decide to give at the next wedding you go to, is up to you!


Should I add more to this?  Drop your thoughts below!


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