Things You Need To Know When You Book A Makeup Artist For Your Wedding!


I have written a bunch of articles on weddings!  From saving money on your wedding, bridesmaids dresses, to find a good deal on your wedding dress!  I’ve written about finding a makeup artist on your special day, but I thought there are some things you should know before finding one:



-Research.  Definitely do your research before meeting with one.  Starting pinning your favorite pictures on Pinterest!  But most of all, search for makeup artists, & ask to see their work if they don’t already have website.  Ideally, someone who has done work on other brides before.


makeup artist 2

-Get the makeup consultation.  This is definitely something you’d want to pay for, that is if you want to work with a makeup artist for your wedding day.  Never book someone who has never done your makeup before, or had a trial run with; therefore you really don’t know what you’re getting.


Makeup Artist

-Find one early.  You will need time to meet with one, have a consultation, & do makeup trials.  If you do come across someone you don’t like, it ends up spending more of your time.

-Test out anything new ahead of time.  Last thing you’d want, is a surprise on that day.  Don’t go in with the mentality of ‘I’m saving this foundation for my wedding day!’  God knows for whatever reason you don’t like it, are unsatisfied with it, & chances are your skin tone will likely change by then.  Anything new, test it & give it a trial run before wearing it.


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-Step up your skincare game.  Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, (actually being dehydrated causes you to age faster), & that you are washing & moisturizing your face every day.  There are some brides who go for facials before the big day.  And if it makes you feel better, go for it!  Tip: Again, stay away from any drastic changes.  You don’t want to go for a chemical peel, going for a spray tan, etc.  (especially, if you’ve never had one before)


purple bridesmaids

-Have something for touch ups on your wedding day.  Have your maid of honor, or a family member watch your clutch while you’re busy with the wedding festivities.  Keep a setting spray, blotting tissues, a lipstick, or whatever else you’d want to have.



-The ultimate save on money: DIY or ask a friend.  If you’re not good at doing your own makeup, it’s never too late to start practicing!  Or if you know a friend who’s makeup savvy, this is a good time to ask.  (Keep in mind, that this is a BIG favor)

Otherwise have fun at your wedding!


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