How to get your makeup to stay on ALL DAY

We all love to wear makeup, but yet we don’t want it melting off our faces during the hot days of summer.  Or even better!  You would like for your makeup to last during a special event or occasion, i.e. your wedding day!  Here are some tips to making your makeup LAST, vs caking or sweating off your face.



sephora collections cream lip stain

Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain, $14 & comes in 40 different colors!

How to make your lipstick stay on all day: You will need your lipstick, a tissue, & setting powder.  First put on your lip stick.  Then place the tissue directly over your lips.  Take a makeup brush & brush some setting powder on your lips with the tissue is still over your lips.  Otherwise, use a lip stain.  That definitely won’t move!



nyx waterproof topcoat mascara

NYX Proof It Waterproof Mascara Topcoat, $7

Stick to waterproof eye liner / mascara or get a waterproof top coat:  You don’t want your mascara / eyeliner running down your face when you sweat, so stick to the waterproof kind.  If your mascara isn’t waterproof, get this waterproof top coat!


elf makeup lock and seal.jpg

E.L.F’s Makeup Lock & Seal, $3

Can you believe that this only costs $3?  You can add it to almost any makeup product you have, & it makes it waterproof!


Use a cream blush and eye shadows instead of a powder one: Put on the cream blush underneath your foundation.  It creates a more ‘lit from within glow’ & lasts all day.  Also cream eyeshadows absorb oils & tend not to move.


anastasia beverly hills brow primer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer, $21

Yes, this is meant for brows, but with this wax pencil you literally could put over your eyeliner, or other powders to make it waterproof & last!


f9a1e-s1375575-main-hero-300Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.46.33 PM

Sephora Collection’s Setting Powder, $16, or NYX’s Finishing Powder, $10

Always use a setting powder with liquid foundation: This prevents it from cracking when you sweat.  The great thing about it is that it’s usually white but goes on translucent.  Just use a wide brush & brush it all your face once you’re done with your makeup.



Splurge: Urban Decay’s Makeup Setting Spray, $14, Save: E.L.F.’s Makeup Mist & Set, $3

To top it all off: Setting spray: And what is setting spray?  A setting spray will help you keep all the products on your face in place, especially for long wear. If you plan on wearing it for a long time i.e. to a wedding or any other special occasion, putting on some setting spray WILL help your makeup stay MUCH longer vs. looking like it’s melting off your face.



Urban Decay’s De-slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray, $14

Setting spray for oily / combination skin: I know what you’re going to ask.  What is the difference between this one, and the Urban Decay Spray above?  This one helps with oil control, & you’re supposed to spray it before AND after you put on your makeup.  Not only does it help your makeup stay on, but helps your face from getting oily & caking.  Especially on a hot day?  I would definitely need this!

Don’t only use this for your summer makeup.  (What you want to avoid is looking like a mess.)  Any special occasion, use these tips to keep your face looking the best!


27 thoughts on “How to get your makeup to stay on ALL DAY

  1. Very informative! I’ve used both E.L.F.’s setting spray and Urban Decay’s and honestly, I found E.L.F.’s to work better. If you use too much, it does get a little sticky.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t know about the Anastasia Waterproof Gel – I need this!!
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole


  3. I have a big problem with eyeliner staying on and not smudging. I also tend to have extr medly dry, flaky skin so I use just tinted moisturizer and then my makeup on top. Still searching for the perfect solution.


    1. Dear Natalie,

      Have you tried ELF’s makeup lock & sea, or Anastasia’s Beverly Hill’s Brow pencil? It’s a wax pencil so it will make any makeup you put on underneath waterproof! Benefit Cosmetic’s They’re Real eyeliner is waterproof, as well as Touch In Sol’s Gel Eyeliner Pencil! I was about to write an article about waterproof makeup so stayed posted!


  4. This helps a ton! I always find my face makeup is mostly melted off within a few hours (especially since it’s summer). I’m definitely going to try to get the ELF no budge stuff.


  5. Just recently for the first time visited a Sephora store and purchased some eyeshadow and eye liner. I usually being a busy mother and all just buy makeup from Walmart. But holy moly I have fallen in love with this store, so many endless options!! (and good ones too). I have always used a beauty trick from my mother. After doing your eyes up, spray a little hairspray over them. (eyes closed ofcourse). It helps to keep your eye make up o for many many hours..


  6. thanks for the tips – summers in Australia always get quite hot and Sydney humidity is the worst for getting makeup to stay esp foundation


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