Secret Alternative Uses For Your Makeup!


There are alternative uses to makeup?  Did you know that you can use mascara as eyeliner?  Lipstick to get rid of dark circles?  Keep reading to find out other secret uses for your makeup!


Transluscent powder as dry shampoo:

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rcma makeup no color powder.jpg

RCMA No Color Powder, $12

The magic of setting powder: set your foundation / concealer with some of it so that it doesn’t crack when you sweat.  And the great thing that it goes on sheer; so you can keep using the same thing no matter what shade your skin is throughout the year.  And did you know that you can also use setting powder as dry shampoo?  (There are also women who use baby powder as dry shampoo!)  Nowadays there’s been a surge of interest in dry shampoo: spray on your roots, & they are oil free again.  Dust some on your scalp, & then massage in with your hands!  And the great thing about this powder is not only the low price, but that it’s used by makeup artists as well!


Cream blush as a lip stain

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NYX Cream blush.png


NYX’s Cream Blush, $5-$6

The great thing about cream blushes (or eyeshadows) is that they are long-lasting.  Put them on, & they literally don’t budge for hours!  And did you know that you can use your cream blush as a lip stain as well?  And the great thing about a cream blush wouldn’t dry out your lips the way a real lip stain would.  Save some space in your bag with a 2 in 1 product!  And this cream blush by NYX comes in 9 different colors!


Use lip stick as a blush, or as a dark circle eraser!


rimmel london moisture lipstick

Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Lipstick, $7

And also conversely, you can use a lipstick as a creamy blush!  Dab a bit on the peak of your cheeks, & blend well.  Also you can use a dab of red orange lipstick under concealer to get rid of dark circles underneath your eyes!


Lip balm as a highlighter


maybelline baby lips


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, $5

I mentioned this in a previous article, More Professional Tips From A Makeup Artist!  And Do It All On A Budget! that you can use a lip balm as a highlighter!  The great thing about balms is that they’re great multi-taskers.  With the new trend in ‘strobing’, you don’t need to learn any expensive products or highlighters.  You could highlight just with your lip balm!  Highlight your forehead, cheeks, and the bridge of your nose with it!


Hair conditioner as shaving cream

Screen Shot

shea moisture intensive hydration shampoo conditioner

SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner, $11

Did you know that you could use your hair conditioner as shaving cream? Yes!  When you start to run out of shaving cream, your hair conditioner can do a 2nd duty.  Or, just forgo shaving cream & use hair conditioner for both!  You can also use hair masks as well, instead.  You would have less junk in the bathroom, & walk away with smooth, hydrated legs!


Baby oil gel as makeup remover

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Baby Oil Gel, 6 oz, $4

I actually stumbled upon this myself by accident.  I always keep a small bottle of baby oil gel that I pick up from Dollar Tree, & I like that one in particular because it moisturizes & it’s not greasy!  One day I had put on mascara that in particular dried my eyes out, & was really irritating my them.  While trying to remove it with a wet tissue, I looked down at my bottle of gel, & I thought, ‘Wait!  Baby oil makes a great makeup remover!’  So I have a moisturizer & makeup remover in 1 that I can carry in my bag!


Mascara = Eyeliner = Cream Eyeshadow


NYC Cream eyeshadow.pngl'oreals original mascara

NYX Cosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow, $4.50, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Building Waterproof Mascara, $8

Did you know of this multi-tasking secret?  I actually didn’t know it until I was sitting for a  session with my friend & MAC makeup artist, Andy.  While doing a demo on me, he actually used a fan brush to dip in a cream eyeshadow, & brushed it on my lashes as mascara!  He also used an eyeliner brush, dipped in another color cream eyeshadow, & brushed it on my eyes like a liquid liner!  And if one day you’re in a pinch, you could take your eyeliner brush, swipe it across your mascara wand, & then line your eyes!   (The only thing I wouldn’t do is use mascara as an eyeshadow)


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