Surprise! 3 Beauty Boxes From Allure’s Sample Society! Click For Swatches & Reviews!



A few months ago, I signed up to join Allure’s Sample Society, where they send you a monthly subscription box of beauty samples, for only $15 a month!  At one point they had a discount, where you could get your first box for only $10!  I thought, it’s only $10, why not?  I had come across a few subscription boxes on Facebook, & I did my research & wrote a whole article about it!  Regardless of what people know, they are becoming more & more popular.  After writing about it, it piqued my interest to find out more.


You might ask, why am I reviewing 3 boxes at once?  (I didn’t get them all at one time) I’m a full time fashion designer, & sometimes I work 50, 60 hours a week, & other times I try to  blog.  When you’re busy, the not as important things in life end up taking a back seat to everything else.  I would get each one in the mail, it would sit on my table, & before I knew it I had 3 boxes and with samples inside unopened.  I figure I should get cracking on trying them out before I start hoarding boxes!

Here are my boxes, what’s inside, with swatches & reviews!  (I’ve listed the links & prices for the full size products.)


1st Box: The CoverGirl Box!



Covergirl’s LashBlast Plumpify Mascara, $12

Oh my god love!  And it really does plump your lashes without the need of an eyelash curler!  I added mascara to one eye, just to show the difference.  (The eye on the left has mascara, & the other is without).  My only wish is that it were waterproof!  They do sell a waterproof version.  This puts a lot of high end mascaras to shame!  Will definitely be picking this up!  My Grade: Aimage



CoverGirl’s Intensify Me!  Liquid Liner, $9

Oh my gosh love this too!  A unique liquid liner, the tip is literally shaped like a paddle in the diagram indicated above.  So you can draw with the wider end, or the narrower end.  It literally feels like you’re drawing on your eye with a marker!  My gripe with most liquid liners is that you can only really use them on the top lid, not the bottom.  With this one you can use it on both!  And really waterproof, didn’t budge all day!  My Grade: A



CoverGirl’s True Blend Oily Skin Face Primer, $10

I was really looking forward to this because I do have oily skin, & have gone through a lot of products only to be disappointed by them.  Brand new on the market, I had high hopes.  However, after a few hours, the oil broke through.  And plus this leaves a white cast on your face if you use it without foundation.  My Grade: D


image3covergirl vitamin infused lip balm

lips covergirl lip balm

CoverGirl’s Colorlicious Oh Sugar!  Lip Balm in Punch Cocktail, $9

Here I am, getting this, thinking that it’s a red lipstick.  After putting it on, I realized that it’s not lipstick; it’s actually a tinted lip balm.  I guess it would be convenient to have a lip color & lip balm in one; but I’m not crazy about this idea.  It’s not pigmented enough to be a lipstick; & for me it’s strange to have a colored lip balm.  Not my cup of tea.  My Grade: C



SK-II Face Mask, $17

Oh my gosh!  The price of this one face mask costs more than the whole box!  I read somewhere that these were the masks they used in a show at Fashion Week!  How exciting!  A cotton sheet mask, the directions said only to leave on for 10 min.  It’s all soaked in serum, & after 10 min my face was covered in excess of it that I had to rub it all over my neck!  But my skin felt really soft & smooth afterwards!  One of the best masks I’ve tried!  My Grade: A



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, 2.5 oz for $100

Can you imagine that I got something so expensive in a box that only cost me $15?!?  Wow!  I’ve heard of facial essences before; supposedly they’re all the rage in Korea & Japan.  You’re supposed to put it on after you wash your face, & then put on serum & moisturizer.  It’s hard to give real feedback on this because it’s sandwiched in between all the other products.  It’s a water-like serum, & honestly I feel this is overrated & overpriced.  I have Hado Labo’s Hydrator which is very similar (also made in Japan!) and only costs $18!  I say try that instead of this, & save yourself some money.  My Verdict: I’ll pass

Try instead: Hado Labo’s Hydrator, $18



Wella Professional’s Reflections Smoothing Oil, $20

There are some products in here that just read my mind!  I also have frizzy hair, & I have been looking for some products to combat it.  I guess this past winter was really hard on my hair.  It had no instructions, so I used it like a leave-in conditioner, & blow dried my hair.  I do see a slight difference; my hair is not as frizzy as it used to be.  But the difference was so slight I think it was only noticeable by myself.  (I think maybe if I used it more often I would see more of a difference) And for a $20 price tag (for 1 ounce!!), you can get other moisturizing oils cheaper.  It’s ok, but overpriced.  My Grade: B-


2nd Box:



Hello Breath Spray, $4

Grapefruit scented breath spray?  I think that breath sprays in general these days are hard to come by; but grapefruit scented ones?  I figure, it’s something new & worth giving a shot.  Really powerful in one spritz-I found myself coughing after spraying it in my mouth.  There’s just something about breath freshening & grapefruit that don’t go together.  It felt like I gave myself an intense shot of cough syrup in my mouth.  No, sorry, it’s not for me.  Verdict: I’ll pass



Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream, 3 oz, $10

I do moisturize my hands every night with body butter, so I was interested to see that this is an ‘ultra rich hand cream, wondering if it would be better.  But honestly it’s like any other thick lotion.  My Grade: B-



Bulgari Omni Pariaba Sample, (price for full size: 1.35 oz bottle $65)

How adorable!  This is exact size of perfume when I buy it in a coffret!  I usually love Bulgari, but for whatever reason I didn’t like this scent.  It smelled too cologne-like for me & I ended up giving it away.  Verdict: I’ll pass



Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher, $16

Never heard of this brand before.  But I was intrigued by their catch phrase written on the back, “Beauty Through Asian Wisdom”.  I love lip balms for my lips get horribly dry in the winter.  After reading that it has mango & shea butter; I had high hopes for this one.  Honestly, this felt almost like some watery cream with some oil in it that you can put on your lips.  I’ve had better.  Verdict: I’ll pass



Lancome’s Beauty Sleep Perfector, (price for full size, 1.7 oz, $88)

This was interesting.  It always piques my interest whenever I get my hands on a luxury brand; for me many of them are overpriced & for the price you pay they had better be worth it.  It came in a little tube that was only enough to use once, and they boast that it’s a ‘gel to oil’ moisturizer, which is accurate, actually.  Goes on as gel, dries up as oil, & eventually leaves your face a bit sticky.  BUT, my face was super soft in the morning!  Love!  If this is a high end splurge, I think this one is worth it!  My Grade: A


Box 3




Julep’s Konjac Sponge, $12

I love konjac sponges!  I already have one!  All the rage in Korean & Japanese skincare, konjac is actually a vegetable & widely used in Japanese cuisine.  Here, the porous vegetable is used as an exfoliating sponge!  Soft & mesh like; it’s even softer than a regular sponge!  All natural & gentle, it’s been great for my skin for it’s gotten more sensitive this past year.  I’ve heard of Julep, but only of their monthly subscription boxes where they can send you makeup & nail polish in the mail.  I didn’t know that they were a Korean line of skincare as well!  The only gripe I have with this is the price.  I’ve gotten mine for literally half the price!  I say get it somewhere else.  Despite the price, My Grade: A

Try instead: Earth Therapeutics Konjac Facial Sponge, $5



Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner, $10

I was curious about this as well: in the past year my hair has gotten more & more frizzy; so anything with ‘ultra rich moisture conditioner’ is worth giving a shot.  Tried it, left it in for 5 min before rinsing off as instructed.  But honestly it’s like any other hair conditioner.  My Grade: C



Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse by DP Hue, 8.5 oz for $35

I guess they sent me a travel size.  Apple cider vinegar hair rinse?  I have heard of rinsing your hair with it, but someone has actually bottled & sold it as a hair product?  I followed the instructions, to put it in your wet hair & massage into the scalp.  After trying it once, I don’t really see much of a difference.  Maybe after a few uses there’ll be a difference?  And for that price I’d rather just get the real thing & not spend almost $40 on a hair rinse.  My Verdict: I’ll pass



L’Oreal’s Infallible 2 Step Lip Color, $13

A 2 in 1 product?  I didn’t fully realize what it was until I put it on: a lip stain on 1 end, & a lip balm on the other.  While drying (like most lip stains are) the lip balm on the other end is really rich & doesn’t leave your lips dry.  Something about the lip stain that it doesn’t leave any residue on the lip balm.  It’s good, not bad.  My Grade: B



Cargo Cosmetics Blush & Bronzer

This is actually something they created just for Allure!  I checked their website, & they don’t have a blush/bronzer in 1!  And just for 1 bronzer costs $30!  Very pigmented colors, I like the idea that this is a 2 in 1 product!  However, if I were buying this by itself, I would think it’s overpriced; you can get a bronzer by Rimmel for $5.  Not going by price, & for the product itself: My Grade: B

Try instead: Bronzer by Rimmel, $5



Makeup Forever’s Micro Finish Powder, 0.14 oz, $20

I was looking forward to this one.  I have an oily T-zone, & I use setting powder every day to mattify my face.  And I didn’t realize but there are so many variations of quality when it comes to them!  I tried E.L.F.’s High Definition Powder: real crap.  So far the powder that has been my saving grace is NYX’s Studio Finishing Powder.  The 1st day I tried this, my face started to get oily after a few hours.  I thought maybe I hadn’t put enough.  So the following day I applied more.  Nope, no cake.  Won’t be buying this one.  I might save the container for traveling purposes.  From a high end brand, this was disappointing.  My Grade: D

Try instead: NYX’s Studio Finishing Powder, $10



Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets, $18 for 12 sheets

I was confused by this actually, when I first saw it.  Anti-frizz sheets for your hair?  And what would they be like?  Would it even work?  The box came with 2 packets, & each ‘sheet’ is like a makeup wipe: infused with coconut & castor oil, it actually works!  I teased up my hair to make it more frizzy, & then wiped it in my hair from root to tip.  I do have mixed feelings about it, because even though it delivers on its promise, I feel that it is a bit pricey: it breaks down to $1.50 per sheet.  I find it better just to use a real oil (like argan or coconut) and use them as a leave in conditioning treatment.  I guess for the girls who have super frizzy hair, this could be a convenient fix for i.e. when you travel.  I’m rating this solely on the product, not for the price.  My Grade: B


Do I think it’s worth it?  Yes!  For the cost of a lunch you get samples of all kinds of beauty products, both inexpensive & high end!  I hope you liked my review on my Allure Sample Society boxes!  Keep posted on my blog for I’ll write reviews on boxes I’ll be getting in the future!  I’m actually getting my next one very soon..  Click here to sign up for them yourself (only $15 a month!)


To check out lots of other subscription box services, check out my article: UPDATED!! Get makeup sets sent to you for as little as $10 a month, including one by Sephora!!

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