Things Brides should always do before their wedding!


There are always things brides forget to do before the wedding.  For those who haven’t gotten married yet, weddings can be stressful, stressful affairs & there’s always bound to be things that slip your mind.  Here’s a list to help you get organized!

1) Shave / other hair removal: That’s the last thing you want on your wedding day: hairy legs.  If you wax make sure you make that appt a few days before your big day.

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2) Get that marriage license.  It seems obvious, but if you get married in court, it’s LONG waiting process & for me I had to make a reservation online first & I STILL had to wait a long time.  This greatly varies upon on where you get married; make sure you get all your paperwork in order before you walk down the aisle.

3) Pack for your honeymoon!  Especially if you’re flying out right after the wedding!  This saves a lot stress after the wedding so you’re not running around frantically trying to get your suitcases together.


4) Get presents for your out of town guests & bridesmaids: This is not an obligation, but a sign of gratitude, for these people in particular are going out of their way to come to your wedding.  Doesn’t have to be anything big, but will make them feel special!


5) DO NOT get a major beauty treatment right before your wedding day.  And do not go for any major hair cuts or changes before the big day.  Don’t go for that chemical peel or wax if you’ve never had one before.  Your wedding day is the last day you want something unpredictable to show up.  Also the last thing you want is to go with something drastic & end up with a haircut or color that you hate.  Remember, wedding photos are forever.  You want to look like yourself (of course yourself at the best) and also the most natural on that day.  In the month before your wedding, don’t veer away from anything that’s outside your usual routine.


6) Mind the sun.  if your wedding is outdoors, prepare fans just in case.  And time your ceremony appropriately so that people are not baking in the sun.  And also up until the wedding always wear sunblock!  I read a story about how one bride went jogging all the time to lose weight for her wedding; but forgot that all that running outdoors left tan lines on her back that were visible with her backless wedding dress!


7) Wedges are best for summer weddings.  Especially if you are outdoors, your heels won’t sink in as much into the ground.  And whatever shoes you choose, don’t forget to break them in the day before!


8) Wear a button down top or robe when getting your hair / makeup done.  This way you don’t ruin someone else’s hard work & your look on your wedding day.


9) Carry your essentials in a clutch.  Lipstick, blotting papers, eyeliner, whatever it may be.  And then have your mother or maid of honor watch the clutch throughout the wedding.


10)  Have cash tips on hand.  Most likely you have to pay / tip someone at the wedding.  If you can’t hold onto the cash, ask your fiancé, or the best man to hold onto it.


11)  Schedule time for photos.  Ask your photographer when & where would be the best time to take photos.  Keep them informed of your wedding location, & time.  If you have an outdoor wedding, best to avoid the middle of the day, unless you want to remember everyone looking sweaty.


12) Find the right undergarments.  Chances are you will probably need a strapless bra, & wearing spanx never hurt anyone.  It gives you that extra lift on that day.  If you feel that you need a professional bra fitting, go for it!  If you look better with that double padded push up bra, get it!


13) Don’t forget to get your nails done!  I know, and I had to do this more than once!  I had more than 1 wedding, and I had separate photo shoots, & for each time I had to head over to the nail salon.  You don’t want chipped, broken nails; or chunks of nail polish on them.  You can paint them really whatever color you want; but the most versatile obviously would be a french manicure.  Make sure you hit the nail salon before the wedding.  If they do nails where you plan on getting your hair / makeup done, then great!  Get 3 birds with one stone!


14) Don’t indulge in too much alcohol.  I know you want to party with your bridesmaids, you probably have a bachelorette party / bridal shower & obviously you’re in a celebratory mood.  But the last thing you want is for you (or one of the other girls) to be hungover at your wedding.  Plus if you drink a lot, you take the chance of looking red / feeling bloated.  Stick to a 1 or 2 cocktail limit.


15) Get enough sleep.  When my brother-in-law got married, he had 2 weddings in one weekend that we had to go to!  Needless to say, we were exhausted.  And because of all the commotion & things that go on at a wedding, I barely ate anything on my wedding day.  Make sure you get enough sleep & are well rested because you will be tired.  And get someone in your family to save you some food from all the wedding courses!


I hope these tips were helpful to you for your big day!  Check out my other articles in my wedding series!!

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