H&M Has Launched A Makeup Line! My Reviews, & How To Get 15% Off Every Time You Shop!!

h&m beauty productsimage

The makeup section at my H&M


Their blushes on display


Their individual colored eyeshadows

H&M has finally launched a makeup line!  A makeup line that even your drugstore products will be envious of..  I happened to see it while I was shopping around the store, & curious to see if the makeup line had made it to mine.  And it did!  Like everything else they do, it’s budget friendly: a blush & eyeliner cost $10 each, lipsticks cost $6, & nail polish costs $7.  I could go on & on.  And it varies from store to store; some stores have a wider selection than others.  Mine only offered makeup, some tools, & nail polish; while others will also have perfume, skincare, & hair products!  How come I don’t have access to that?  Here is my mini haul & my take on the products:

I only bought a lipstick, eyeliner & a blush.  Honestly I have tons of makeup already; what else is there for me to get?  I checked out on the labels where their products are made, and for the price I was impressed!  The eyeliner is made in Germany, while the lipstick & blush are made in Italy.  And for only $7, $10 each!?




H&M’s Lipstick, $7: The lipstick shade that I bought is called Tea Rose.  I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t the color that I had tested in store & now ended up with something different.  The color is a bit neon on me; I guess I could wear it for a pop of color.  It’s a nice, creamy, rich thick lip stick.  My Grade: B+


H&M’s Blush, $10: I picked a color named Golden Peach, a rosy color with some flecks of gold in it.  When you put it on, it is a shimmery blush!  No need for a highlighter!  And for the price, very pigmented I will say!  My Grade: B+


H&M’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $10: I was impressed with this too!  I have gotten some high end eyeliners, to spend at least DOUBLE the price, only to find it smudging all over my eye.  This one doesn’t budge!  Not only does it not budge, it’s hard to get off unless you have some waterproof makeup remover!

h&m eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palettes at H&M

I tested their eyeshadows, as well as their lip stains in store.  The eyeshadows too, are also very pigmented, & come in travel sized friendly cases.  There’s something so convenient about their size; I feel like I could just snap it closed, put it in my bag, & be ready to go.  Their lip stains I really had to use their makeup remover to get it off!

How to get 15% off every time you shop at H&M:

H&M has begun a program where they will collect old / used clothes, & in return they will give you 15% off your whole purchase.  That’s right!  Tested, tried, & true!  I’ve done it twice now & I got 15% off the makeup purchase you see above!  No matter what you buy, donate something (an old t-shirt, even a dishtowel) & they will give you 15% your ENTIRE purchase!  Never pay full price at H&M again!  I had mentioned it in a previous post, if you’d like to see it, it’s called Cleaning Out Your Closet!  And Make Some Money While Doing It!, if you’d like to see other ways of donating / selling your clothes!

Check out their makeup at your local H&M now!  If you can’t, check it out online on their website!  

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