Sephora Favorite’s Paint It Pink Makeup Set! Brand New On The Market! Click For Swatches & Reviews!

sephora favorites paint it in pink

Sephora’s Favorites Paint It Pink Set!  I got an email about it from Sephora, & felt like I wanted to snatch it up right away before it sells out.  As a lover of all things makeup & girly; I wondered why they didn’t come out with this during Valentine’s Day!  Curious as to what’s inside?  Read on to check out my swatches & reviews!  (The links I’ve provided are to buy the full size version)


laura mercier velour lovers lip colour in french kissimage

Laura Mercier’s Velour Lovers Lip Coulor in French Kiss, $28

I actually have never tried Laura Mercier’s products before!  This is actually a full sized lipstick!  So I was curious hoping this would be good.  A creamy lipstick, but a really bright shade of pink!  It actually looks kind of neon on me!  My Grade: B


benefit cosmetics roller lash mascara


Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara, $12 for travel size, $24 for standard

Oh my gosh love!  I had tried this once in store, but had forgotten how great it is!  And now I have one of my own!  A tiny mascara, but this wand goes a long way!  Check out the impact it has on your lashes!  And I only put on a few coats!  (I’ve put it on my right eye, vs. no makeup on my left.)  My only gripe with it, is that as with most mascaras, I find them very drying.  After wearing it all day; my eyes were definitely dry.  Usually I have to put on a coat of mascara first, that has a touch of oil in it.  But otherwise, I would buy this again. My Grade: B+


makeup forever artist plexi gloss 202image

Makeup Forever’s Plexi Gloss, Color Sweet Pink, $19

A sticky lip gloss, it actually doesn’t have a lot of pigment.  Kind of sheer, it only gave my lips a slight pink tint.  My Grade: B-


Swatches of the blushes / eyeshadows that came with the set:

becca tarte blush urban decay eyeshadow

becca cosmetics shimmer skin perfector

Becca’s Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold, $38

I actually have a sample of one of Becca’s Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector, & as far as I know Becca is well known for having highlighters & glittery products.  And this was no exception!  Not known to many people, but Becca is one of the few lines from Australia that has made it all the way across the ocean & is available here in the US!  This color I find a bit orangey on me; however I find if I take a blush brush I can imagine giving a slight dusting of it all over just to warm up the face.  I think it’s something nice to use on those days when you look a bit pale & would like a little color / shimmer to your skin.  BUT, however, there are other shimmer powders that are not as expensive as this one, L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator which is good, and is only $13!  Unless you’re getting this powder in this set, I say skip buying this individually.  My Grade: B-


tarte amazonian clay blissful

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 HR Blush in Blissful, $28

The imprinted design on this blush is so pretty that I almost don’t want to use it!  To me all blushes are more or less the same; I guess some are more pigmented than others.  I read the description online, but I didn’t know that it’s made with REAL Amazonian clay!  For oily skin it would help mattify, & for drier skin the clay would help hydrate.  Honestly for me, it’s like any other blush.  My Grade: B-


urban decay eyeshadow in scratch

Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in Scratch, $19

This is actually full size!  I have an Urban Decay Naked Palette, & I love them!  There’s something about the brand that makes makeup exciting & fun!  As always, their colors are always highly pigmented.  My Grade: B+


deborah lippmann nail polish in baby love


Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Baby Love, $18

I didn’t realize that the nail polish they included in this set was so sheer.  In a color called Baby Love, it is a very sheer off white color.  After 2 only coats, it lasted about 4 days before it chipped.  I say it’s really good for a non gel nail polish!  My Grade: B+



The Beauty Blender, $20

I love the Beauty Blender!  A Best Of Beauty Award Member from Allure Magazine, and SO popular that’s spawned dozens of knockoffs!  I find that very few makeup sponges even come close.  And you know what?  I already have one!  I figure I could use a 2nd, when the older one starts to wear out.  My Grade: A+

Click here to read my article, for my review on it & other Beauty Blender variations: HOW TO USE THE BEAUTY BLENDER!! AND MY MASSIVE REVIEW OF MAKEUP SPONGES!!


Do I think this is a worthwhile purchase?  Yes!  The cost of The Beauty Blender by itself is already half the price of this set!  I’ve mentioned before, that by getting makeup in sets saves you money as well as allows you to try things that you wouldn’t otherwise buy.  Click here to get it: Sephora’s Favorites Paint It Pink Set! And why not get it & indulge your girly side?

sephora favorites paint it pink

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