What is color correcting?  The same way I had heard about contouring, it had popped up in one of my emails as the new trend in makeup.  And I think for most people, it’s a bizarre concept.  Put red, orange, yellow & green on your face..?  What is the point?

The point is that you want to neutralize other colors in your face.  One color will cancel out the other.

Red: covers up dark circles

Green: cancels out redness

Yellow: calms redness 

Pink & Purple: cancels dark circles as well as brightens


Check out the chart below:

how to use color correctors.jpg

How To Color Correct:  The point is that you can to take these colors, & use them to cancel out the colors on your face.  Do you have some patches on your skin that are red?  Dab some green concealer.  If you have some dark circles under your eyes: dab on some red concealer.

The basic idea is that you want to put on these colors underneath your foundation, wherever you want to balance discoloration.  With a palette you could apply the colors with a concealer brush, & then dab your foundation on top.  Use a foundation brush / makeup sponge to blend the colors together.  Don’t know how to do?  Check out the below videos!



kalei lagunero makeup color correct.png

A tutorial for beginners: Youtube vlogger Kalei Lagunero gives you the basics of color correcting!  Using only drugstore products, she even does some contouring afterward!  With the exception of her blending, she puts on all her products with her hands!  Check out the video here!

Color correct video zoe report.png

Here I’ve included a video with beauty editor Stephanie Montes from The Zoe Report, where she shows you how to color correct!  She uses Stila’s Correct & Perfect All-in-one Color Correcting palette, & a beauty blender, but if you keep reading you will find less expensive alternatives below!  Click to watch the video now!

ready set glamour color correct video.png

Meet top beauty blogger Michelle, who writes ReadySetGlamour, where she demos & reviews NYX’s color correcting liquids!  And she swatches them for you, & shows you what each color is for!  Click to watch the video here!


Essentials You Will Need:

The basic idea of color correcting, is that you apply these colors underneath your foundation.  Yes, they are different shades of green, red, & purple, but are supposed to blend into clear on your skin.  If you get a palette, here is the only thing you will need for it:

eco tools concealer brushelf concealer brush.png

Ecotools Concealer Brush, $6, E.L.F. Concealer Brush, $3


Your Tools For Foundation, If You Don’t Already Have:

maybelline fit me matte foundationmaybellines fit me concealer stick.png

Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation, $8, or Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick, $9

Maybelline’s foundation is matte & comes in 24 different colors!  Affordable & versatile!  In the video, Stephanie uses a foundation stick, & if you would like to get one Maybelline also makes one as well.


Foundation Brushes

ecotools foundation makeup brushes

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Complexion 5 Piece Brush Set, $13

real techniques core collection makeup brush set

Real Techniques Core Collection, $13

As with any foundation, you will need foundation brushes.  I like makeup brushes simply because they’re easier to clean.  If you would like to use makeup sponges to blend, you can pick up one below:

If Feel Like Blending With A Sponge Instead:

892ca-s1151869-main-hero-300real techniques sponge

Splurge: The original Beauty Blender, $20, Save: Real techniques Miracle Sponge, $5

I’ve written about the beauty blender a bunch of times.  But I think the Real Techniques one is a great save for your money.  To check out how to use them, and my reviews on other sponges, go to HOW TO USE THE BEAUTY BLENDER!! AND MY MASSIVE REVIEW OF MAKEUP SPONGES!!


Color Correcting Palettes For You To Choose From:

sephora pantone color correct.jpg

Splurge: Sephora & Pantone Universe’s Correct & Conceal Palette, $49

Popular palettes to color correct are Sephora & Pantone Universe’s Correct & Conceal Palette, which is $49, or Stila’s Correct & Perfect All-in-one Color Correcting palette, which is $45.  Hmm.  There’s got to be a more affordable way to do this..


color correct concealer palette.png

Save: Ulta’s Color Correct Concealer Palette, $15

NYX Cosmetics color correcting concealer palette.png

NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer, $12

makeup revolution ultra base corrector palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette, $10

hard candy sheer envy conceal correct palette.jpg

Hard Candy’s Conceal & Correct Palette, $7

elf correct color concealer.png

E.L.F. Corrective Concealer Palette, $3


To color correct by powder:

The above palettes that are listed above, are creamy concealers.  The ones listed here are powder.  The difference?  A personal preference, really.  Cream based cosmetics last longer, are more opaque, & hardly budge.  Powder based cosmetics are more translucent, buildable, lighter, & you can combine / layer different colors on top of each other.  There’s no real right or wrong; this is all a personal choice.  I actually prefer powder because I like that they’re lighter & help mattify skin.


NYX’s Color Correcting Powder, $10

Comes in purple, green & yellow; you can pick whichever color you want to dust on your face!

elf tone color correcting powder.jpg

E.L.F.’s Tone Correcting Powder, $4

I actually have this one!  At first glance you would think that you would dab into each specific color, but it’s meant to be blended together & brushed onto your face!  So each color targets a specific problem, but goes on clear!

physicians formula mineral wear correcting powder .jpg

Physician’s Formula’s Mineral Wear Correcting Powder, $7

How adorable is this?  Portable, translucent & fits in your bag!


Liquid concealers / primers:

NYX color correcting liquid primer

NYX’s Color Correcting Liquid Primer, $14

These are the correcting liquids that Michelle from ReadySetGlamour uses above!  Comes in yellow, green, purple, orange & blue!  Watch the video for a demo!


maybelline mast prime blue & redness control primer.png

Maybelline’s FaceStudio Mast Primer, $8

Or would you like something with Maybelline?  Comes in green, pink, or blue!

l'oreal color correct primer.jpg

L’Oreal’s Paris Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primer, $11

Actually made in Paris, & comes in pink, orange, & green!

la girl concealer.png

L.A. Color ProConceal, $3, and comes in 24 different colors!


For a BB cream:

l'oreal paris magic skin beautifier bb cream.jpg

L’oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, $7

Comes in orange & green, you don’t even need a primer / concealer underneath!


To target specific areas, or for the girl on the go:

essence say no to imperfections color corrector.png

Essence Say No To Imperfections, $3

New to the US, Essence has a wide variety of budget friendly cosmetics!   Retractable, (don’t need to sharpen!) comes in beige, green & pink!


maybelline concealer

Maybelline’s Corrector Concealer, $5, and comes in 8 different colors!


This was just some of the products that are available on the market that you can buy!  I hope this was informative, & eye opening (pun intended)!   With this mystery now debunked, now go out & put your best face forward!


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  1. I love colour correcting. It really works to hide imperfections in the skin. It was good to see all the different product options available, especially drugstore. This is a great resource. (Please consider this comment my entry into the Sephora collection hexagon palette giveaway.)


  2. When I was younger I tried yellow and green color correctors. But I haven’t used any since I’ve gotten older. I would like to try using them again.


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