Life Changing Beauty Hacks!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of beauty hacks.  Here I’ve compiled a list of beauty hacks that I’ve heard of, from friends, family, makeup artists; all kinds of places!  And guaranteed to change your life!

eyeliner halfway.jpg

-Line your eyes halfway for an eye opening experience.  When line only half of the bottom lid, it gives your eyes more of an edge & the eyes look more open!



-Start a smoky eye with the darkest shadow.  When doing a smoky eye, start with the darkest color first, then the medium shade, & the light shade underneath your brow bone and / or by your tear duct.



-Use a matte highlighter when you know that flash photos are involved.  For special occasions, nights out with the girls, avoid using shimmery highlighters on your face.  The camera flash will reflect & you might end up looking like a disco ball in the pictures.  Best to stick to a matte highlighter, i.e. like a foundation / concealer in a shade (2-3) shades lighter than your skin tone.

Also avoid makeup with SPF if you know you’re going to be photographed.  Best to moisturize first (that has SPF in it) & then put on makeup.



-Never forget to take off your makeup again by leaving some makeup wipes by your bed.  As much as we love makeup, we do need to take off every day; not to mention that you might smear it all over your sheets, it’s not hygienic & can clog your pores.  Not to mention that there are days when we’re just too tired.  Leave makeup wipes by your bed & you’ll never forget to take off your makeup again!



-Cut down your blow drying time: by cleaning out the lint trap of your hair dryer.  The same way that an empty vacuum is the most effective; a clean hair dryer dries hair the fastest.  Also the fact that when your hair dryer is not cleaned out regularly, it causes the hair dryer to burn out faster.  Not to mention that when you cut down the drying time, it also cuts down the damage to your hair.  Clean out the dust, & you end up shortening your dry time, as well as elongating the life of your hair dryer.



-Make your manicure last longer by running your nail polish along the edge of your nails to seal it.  Best to use a clear top coat to protect your nail polish, & make it last longer.  The next time you do your nails, take the clear top coat & run it along the edge of them & this not only helps prevent chipping.



-Make your skin glow more by brushing on your moisturizer.  Use your favorite foundation brush, dip it into your face cream, as this more relaxing & will distribute it more evenly.  If you’re doing this in the morning, you can use the same brush afterwards for your foundation, for a more transparent look!



-How to make your eyes look bigger with mascara: by putting extra at the center and the outer edges, to help sculpt & shape your eyes.


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.46.33 PM

-Dust powder over cream makeup to make it last.  For a longer lasting effect on your foundation, use a cream foundation / blush, and dust it with a powder (either foundation / setting) on top.   Using them both together will last far longer than both by themselves.  This is great for the summer, or special occasions where you want your makeup to last.



-To get the healthiest glow: moisten Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge with a hydrating toner, & then use it to blend in a lightweight foundation.



-Use coconut oil or rubbing alcohol to fix shattered powdered makeup.  Rubbing alcohol will help solidify your powder, whether it be blush or eyeshadow.  All you need to do is to add a few drops into the pot (of the powder), & rub the alcohol & the powder together to create a solid shape.  Let dry & overnight it becomes whole again!  Or for a creamier alternative, you can use coconut oil, to turn it into a creamy eyeshadow or blush!  Coconut oil is a great multi-tasker for your skin / makeup!


sheet mask

-For an instant glow: try a sheet mask sandwich.  Use a sheet mask as you normally would, then instead of peeling it off, lift it gently & then apply a serum to your face & then pat the sheet mask back on to seal the serum in.


saline solution.jpgScreen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.36.24 AM

-Use saline solution to get to the bottom of your mascara, or turn your favorite eyeshadow into an eyeliner.  If you feel that your mascara is starting to dry up, add some saline solution & let it sit for 10 minutes.  This could extend your mascara up to a couple more months!  Saline solution is also another great multi-tasker; by wetting an eyeliner brush with it, dip it into your favorite eyeshadow, & now you have it in an eyeliner as well!  No need to buy a matching eyeliner!


face cream

-Use eye cream as a makeup remover.  Using a q-tip, you can use it to wipe off any fall out you may have after applying your eye makeup.  Or you can use a cotton pad to remove stubborn waterproof eyeliner or a lip stain.  Hydrating & soothing, a great alternative to makeup remover!


blush palm hand.jpg

-Make a fist to find the right shade of blush.  Confused as to what shade of blush to buy.  This actually stumps a lot of women, for we all have different skin tones, different shades that complement them, as this is made more difficult for most makeup stores don’t allow you to test before you buy.  How to find out?  Close your hand into a fist, and then open your hand.  Hold it next to a selection of blushes, & pick the shade that is the closest to the palm of your hand.  This would be the best shade that works for you!


perfume organizer

-Mix your favorite perfume with an unscented lotion to make it last longer.  This is great especially if you have dry skin, and also scented lotion tends to radiate smell more naturally than perfume does.  Either squirt some lotion into the palm of your hand & spray in the perfume in it, and rub it on; or put on the lotion first & then spray the perfume directly onto your skin.  A great way to smell great & be moisturized!


woman water

-Wet your hair before you go swimming.  We all know that chlorine & salt water can be damaging to our hair.  Especially if you swim a lot!  Best to wet your hair with fresh water, & then go swimming.  This minimizes the amount of chlorine / sea water your hair will absorb.


comb hair

-Comb styling products in wet hair for the best results.  Especially when it comes to things like conditioner, hair masks, or anti-frizz treatments, for water helps for absorption.  After you putting the products in your hair, comb it out for an even distribution, and remove excess if necessary.


woman eye cream

– Moisturize immediately after washing your face.  If you don’t put on your toner and / or moisturizer after washing, you skin will start to dehydrate, for dry air attracts moisture out of the skin.  You should put them on within a min after rinsing.  If you have a regular habit of not doing it right away, you could be drying out your skin.  Get into the habit of moisturizing right after you wash your face.


face cream.jpg

-Also pat your face while moisturizing.  When putting on skincare products, best to press / pat them into your skin vs. rubbing.  Rubbing can cause premature wrinkles.  The only time you should be rubbing your face is when you’re washing / exfoliating.  Next time you moisturize, press the cream gently into your skin.


-Brush your teeth before eating in the morning for clearer skin.  Not only for that, but for your overall health as well.  If you eat before brushing, you end up digesting all the bacteria that was in your mouth while you were sleeping.  This is actually bad for you for that bacteria can weaken your immune system as well as cause breakouts.  Be healthy & brush before eating or drinking anything.


Did you like this list?  Would you like to see more?  I will be making lists of more beauty hacks in the future!  Leave me a comment on what you’d like to see!

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