How to train your hair to be less oily!

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Ever had oily hair?  I definitely have.  And it’s a vicious cycle, when you get your hair extra clean, it leads your scalp to overproduce more oil.  What if I told you that you could train your hair to be less oily?  The key?  Spacing out your washes.  You will have to do this for a few weeks, but your hard work will pay off!


Day 1: Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo.  Better to use a shampoo that’s clear vs. one that’s opaque.

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Day 2: Dry Shampoo time!  Spray your roots to keep the oil at bay.  If your hair tends to be really oily, then spray on dry shampoo right after blow drying.  The key is that the dry shampoo will start working immediately & you can reapply as needed.

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Day 3: Put up a don’t-care-hairdo.  Best to put your hair up so that you avoid running your hair through your fingers.  Whether it up a ponytail, a messy bun, a chignon; try to keep your hair away from your hands!


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Apple cider vinegar, $3

Day 4: The last day of your shampoo free hair!  This step isn’t necessary, but optional if you would like to rinse out your hair.  By using Apple Cider Vinegar, and use warm water to work it through your roots.  Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic enough to restore the PH balance of your hair, gets rid of the scalp buildup, but is gentle enough that it doesn’t strip your hair of essential nutrients.


Day 5: Finally you get to wash your hair again!  Best to lather, rinse and not repeat.  After washing your hair today, follow the 4 day routine, & keep in mind to touch your hair as less as possible, and avoid overusing styling products.  Lots of products can cause buildup on the scalp, which then leads to excess oil.

Try this 4 day process for a few weeks, until you notice your hair is feeling less & less oily.  Once you get there, you can whittle it down to 3 days.  You will end up with a win win situation: healthier hair, & also a greener approach to washing it!

Try it out!  What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “How to train your hair to be less oily!

  1. LOVE this post!! I was just researching what to do with kinky “black” hair and the advice is just about the same — Stop stripping your hair to “super clean”, clarify and use apple cider vinegar. Maybe the key to beautiful hair is washing LESS??


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