Investment Pieces Every Girl Should Have!


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I do believe, that sometimes we do have spend more to get a little more; especially when it comes to clothes.  I’m mostly a bargain shopper; I will continue to shop at H&M and Forever21 as long as I possibly can.  I know someday I will grow out of it; & until then I’m going to keep going to the same places.  Personally, I love the idea that I can get more clothes for my money.

However, especially as we get older, we want a little bit more quality in our wardrobe.  There are the staples that we can rely upon time & time again, regardless of our phase in life.  These are the staples that I think we can invest more money in.  Because these are the things that get us through year after year.  And you don’t have to feel so bad about spending more money on them, because you know they will last you awhile.  So what are they?

This is my personal list, as there are no real set rules in fashion.  I’ve listed them here as a guide not only to guide you into dressing better, but also shopping smarter.



All of the below items are recommended to spend at least $100 each, & I will explain why:



-Professional Shoes:

Whether they’re pumps, flats, or boots, invest in a pair that you could wear comfortably every day.  I’ve known girls who were able to wear sneakers to work every day; but that’s not always going to be the case.  You will need those professional shoes for a meeting, presentation, but most importantly for the job interview.  And always get a pair that you’re comfortable wearing all day!  You don’t want to buy those gorgeous pair of stilettos that hurt after 5 min of walking.  Imagine how you’d feel after a whole day of standing!

Why you should invest: I’ve had cheap shoes that after a couple of wears, fell apart.  You don’t want to go on job interviews with shoes where the leather (or pleather) is peeling off, or the soles are coming down, etc.

sandals flip flops

Where you can save: Flip flops!  No need to spend a lot of money on those!  They come in all shapes & sizes, & you could wear them to lots of places.



-A good quality coat.

Unless you live in a part of the world where it’s hot year round, then you don’t need to worry about getting a coat.  But for those of you that don’t, you have to spend a decent buck on your coat.

Why you should invest: I’ve had too many coats (where I did spend $100) & the linings were cheaply made & ripped.  I’ve had at least 3 coats that ripped!  And it was always the lining!  The only coat that I’ve had so far that has lasted me awhile (2 years & counting!) is Lands End.  Tip: Always read read reviews on an item, or do research on a brand, before buying.  This will give you an idea of how long it will last.


dress jacket

-A Blazer.

Yes, this is the investment piece you should definitely have.  Not only for work, you could wear it as a cover up to formal occasions, & again most importantly, job interviews.  It is a must have staple, & you must have at least one.  (You don’t need a dozen.)

Why you should invest:  Like coats, lots of brands like to skimp money on the lining, (I think mainly because it’s the least seen part of the garment) & that is the usually the first thing to go in a jacket / coat.  And if taken care of properly (as in dry cleaning), a good quality jacket will last you a long time!



Where you can save: A cardigan / shrug.  Sweaters you literally could buy anywhere, in all shapes & sizes!  And extremely versatile, you can wear it to formal / informal occasions.




-A good quality purse.

There are some girls that would disagree with me, but I think for a decent quality purse a girl should spend at least $200 (unless you’re getting something second hand or on sale).

Why you should invest: I used to buy only inexpensive bags, & they all fall apart somewhere.  Either the straps start peeling, a zipper comes off, or a hole starts to rip somewhere.  Out of sheer frustration that my bags would only last at most a few months, I started invested in quality ones.  The brands that are reasonably priced & still last awhile?  I find Michael Kors & Kate Spade.  A bit out of budget?  There’s no stopping you from getting them at outlets, consignment stores, or getting them secondhand!


Where you can save: On the clutch.  How often do you use a clutch?  Unless you’re going to cocktail parties all the time, I’m going to guess not often.  The most important thing about the clutch is that it can carry all of your essentials.  Tip: I’ve mentioned this before, but always make sure your clutch is big enough to carry your phone.  You want your hands to be free all evening; not with one hand on your bag & the other on the phone.



-An Evening dress.  I think all women should own at least one evening dress in your closet.  You never know when you might be invited to a black tie event, or even more common, to weddings!  And the smartest girl knows to shop for one, when she doesn’t have an event coming up.  Why?  Because you’re not in a rush or under pressure to buy something that might not be in your budget.  The best time to shop for it?  When you don’t need one, so that you can casually peruse through sales to find yourself the best deal.

Why You Should Invest: I have bought inexpensive evening dresses, & the quality really runs the gamut when going cheap.  I have had sparkly knit dresses that shed glitter EVERYWHERE, (I don’t know if you mind that, but that really bothers me) or they pill after wearing it only once or twice.  I think for a decent evening dress, one should spend at least $100.  (But don’t break your bank.)  I can’t say for every woman, but I have saved my evening dresses through out the years, & every once in awhile I’ll bring them out & wear them again, making it worth the money.

wedding dress

Where you can save: The Wedding dress.  Surprised?  Wouldn’t you think that this is the place where you would invest?  This is where you can save money!, a website that’s become popular for selling used clothes, has a record setting 16,000 wedding dresses!  And all of them are coming from former brides, that would rather put their dresses to good use, than have it collect dust in their closet.  In this modern day & age, women are buying wedding dresses at sample sales, off the rack, & even renting them!  (And why not?  You’re only wearing this dress once, & once only!)  There are also brides who choose a white bridesmaid dress because the price tag is so much lower.  Check out my article on How To Find A Wedding Dress On A Budget!


And most importantly, treat your items well.  Especially these pieces because you’ve invested some money in them!  Don’t wonder why your bag falls apart because you’ve thrown it on the floor too many times.  Treat all of your clothes & accessories well (whether they’re expensive or not) & you will definitely get more mileage out of them.  


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  1. I definitely agree that things wear out quick! I have never heard of the second hand wedding dress site though-good to know.


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