7 Gel Manicure Nail Polishes Without The Light!


We all love a good manicure.  And what woman doesn’t love beautifully manicured nails?  Especially when you go to the nail salon, you get a massage, moisturized, & a lovely set of hands when it’s over.  Several years ago it became really popular to have gel based manicures.  And controversy arose when people discovered it required UV lights to dry; with many news sources saying that it increases the risk of skin cancer.  There are nail salons all over the country, that claim they use LED lights in stead of UV, to not scare customers away.

Once on, it lasts about 2 weeks or so, & is impossible to take off.  I had a gel manicure done professionally once, & it was horribly damaging to my nails.  I had to go back to the salon for them to soak my nails & then they have to file off the remaining polish.  Needless to say, they kept breaking for months on afterward until the damaged part had finally grown out.  After that kind of hassle, I refused to do it again.

And also why take the risk of getting a manicure with UV lights?  There are a wide variety of nail polishes now on the market these days, that you can get without needing the light at all!  Know what they are..?

Here I will list several options for you to try, with most of them drugstore brands that you can pick up right away!


sally hansen gel nail polish.png

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, $8 each.  Comes in lots of colors, boasting that you only need to do it in 2 steps, & removes with regular nail polish!



nails inc gel nail polish 2.jpg

Nails Inc Gel Effect, $15 each.  Here this British based brand recommends that you get their base coat, 2 coats of the gel effect nail polish, & then a top coat.  Click here to see more of their products, including mini polish sets!


Essence the gel nail polish.png

Essence The Gel Nail Polish, $2 each.  This budget friendly nail polish advises to use their base coat, 2 coats of color, & then add the gel nail top coat.  Comes in 16 different colors, & at only $2 a pop!


la colors gel nail polish set.jpg

LA Colors Color Craze Gel Shine Nail Color, $2 each


wet n wild 1 step wonder gel nail polish.png

Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color, $5 each.  Wet N Wild has come a long way since the makeup I bought in high school!  Claiming to have a 1 step gel nail polish, no need for base / top coat!


covergirl xl nail gel.jpg

Covergirl XL Nail Gel, $8 each  Recently CoverGirl has come out with their own gel nail polish!  They are also available online at Amazon, but prices start at $6 each.  I recommend picking it up in store.


essie gel top setter.jpg

Essie Nail Gel Setter, $10.  Essie came up with a genius idea of coming out with a gel setter top coat; apply it to any nail color that you already have, & now you have a gel protectant on top!  They do offer their nail polish in a gel version, if you would like to shop Essie’s Gel Nail Polish, click here!


opi gel nail polish.jpg

OPI Gel Nail Color, $12 each; price varies.  OPI does offer a top & gel base coat for $25 for both!  If you’re an OPI fan, then get them!  Click here for a wide selection of OPI Gel nail polishes!


revlon colorstay gel envy .jpg

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Enamel, $8 each

Boasting that you get a gel manicure in 2 steps, they come in 30 different shades!  If you buy it in a set, (color & top coat) it only costs $13 for both!


Why put your health at risk with UV lights?  And most of these brands are easy to remove, without damaging your nails.  Save your money, and get a gel manicure in 1 or 2 steps at home without it!



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10 thoughts on “7 Gel Manicure Nail Polishes Without The Light!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know that you could get gel nail polish without the UV light! I’ve seen some of these polishes in the store but some of them also sell the light as a kit so I assumed you needed both! I’ll definitely look for that Essie Gel top coat that turns any nail polish into gel. Longer lasting nail polish is definitely the way to go! Thanks for the info! 😊


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