8 Hidden Uses In Your Eyeshadow Palette!


Makeup palettes can be amazing.  Especially when you get a large one, with a wide variety of colors, the variations are endless of what you could do!  But did you know that there are hidden uses to your eyeshadow palette?  This is insider information, something that for the most part makeup artists know.  And what else can you do with your eye shadow palette besides just adding color to your eyes?


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.56.50 PM-DIY Lipstick.  You could literally scrape off a bit of a powder (whatever shade you choose, whether it be pinks, reds, nudes), mix it with Vaseline, & turn it into a moisturizing lipstick!  Or mix it with a clear lip gloss, & turn it into your custom shade lip gloss!



-Concealer.  You could take a nude or a flesh toned color to brush under your eyes, as a concealer!



Eyeliner.  You could take a small angled brush, use your color of choice, & line your eyes in case you happen to run out of eyeliner, or if you would like a smudgy eyeliner look.  If you want a more liquid eyeliner, you could mix some of the powder with eye drops, brush it on with an eyeliner brush & voila!  Liquid eyeliner!


victoria secrets model beauty blender

Bronzer.  If you happen to have foundation that’s a bit light for your skin tone, or if you would like to look slightly tanned, you could take 1 of the brown shades in your palette to warm up your face!


contoured face

-Contour.  Take another one of the brown colors in your palette, & you could dust it right underneath your cheekbones, at the edge of your forehead, to contour!



-Use as a highlighter.  I saw this actually in a Youtube video; where you could take one of your lighter shiny shades (like an ivory or gold) & use it as a highlighter!  Tip: if you plan on taking pictures, avoid anything with glitter in it.  You want shiny, not sparkly.  There will be a reflection if there is flash photography.


dewy cheeks

Blush.  Again, you could use a pink or red shade & dust it on your cheeks for some flush of color.  If you would like a creamy blush, mix it with some face cream & then dab it on your cheeks!  The face cream helps it blend more into the skin, for a more natural look.



-Shape your brows.  Don’t sit there & think that brow pencils & eyeliners are vastly different.  You could take 1 of your darker shades to fill in your eyebrows.


Loose pigments:

Kiko Cosmetics Pigment Loose Eyeshadow, $5 each, Kleancolor or L.A. Colors Loose Eyeshadow, $1 each

When I sat down with Andy Travis, a former coworker & makeup artist for MAC, he told me that his favorite medium to work with are loose pigments.  Something that all makeup artists know: that powdered makeup is more or less the same.  Whether it’s eye shadow, blush, bronzer – they all consist of the same (or similar ingredients), & that the only real difference is the color.

Another tip: Pigment + coconut oil= creamy eyeshadow.  Really with makeup you become an artist, & it’s up to you to play with the colors & be creative!


Things You May Need:

Eyeshadow Palette

Of course, like any artist, you need the colors to work with.  You could get the loose pigments (above), but like any conventional woman, the pressed palettes are usually more convenient & portable.  And naturally, if you get a palette with a wide variety of colors, the less you will need to buy in the future. 

bebeautiful eyeshadow palette

Bebeautiful Eyeshadow 88 Shades Palette Matte, $10


makeup revolution eyeshadow palette

Makeup Revolution Flawless Ultra 32 EyeShadow Palette, $15


shany ultimate fusion eyeshadow palette.jpeg

Shany Ultimate Fusion Eyeshadow Palette, $15



And no artist is complete without their brushes!  Personally I find the most important eyeshadow brushes to have are an angled brush, shading brush, & an eyeliner brush.

real techniques eye shadow makeup brush set

Real Techniques Starter Kit, $12

ecotools 6 piece eye makeup brush set

Ecotools 6 piece Essential Eye Set, $11


Optional: Spatula & Palette

Of course, this is a different kind of palette.  If you would like to go the professional route, so you can properly scrape off colors & mix with different mediums.  However, if you feel this is unnecessary, you could always use a clean knife & a small plate.

Spatula and makeup palette

Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette, $7


Was this article interesting?  Leave a comment below!  Now go out & put your best face foward!

group of women models

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34 thoughts on “8 Hidden Uses In Your Eyeshadow Palette!

  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many uses for eyeshadow! You could definitely get your money’s worth using all these tricks!


  2. I’m SO glad that you’ve posted this! ! I’ve been doin this since I was a teenager ( almost 40 ) , I’ve never seen any harm in it and always said “why don’t others ” do this? I thought it could be the mineral /chemical composition or something , hut nope!”)


  3. So many great ideas for using eyeshadow! Would come in handy if you were away and forgot a specific makeup item like blush or highlighter!


  4. This article is awesome. I’ve been wondering how to apply eye shadow correctly. I found this hugely informative!!


  5. These are great ideas. I use my eyeshadow as a liner all the time, but I am definitely trying my loose pigments for highlighting. I can’t wait to do my makeup tomorrow and try some new things!


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