20 Shades Of Ombrè.. And How To Do Them!

lip mosaic

I stumbled across in a makeup tutorial once, doing ombrè, or contoured lips.  It also popped up in one of my emails where Stephanie Montes, a beauty editor from The Zoe Report did a contoured lip.  Ok, now my interest was piqued.

Doing a search for inspiration of ombrè lips, I found all kinds of variations!  And here I will break it down on how to do them!


-Dark Red Lips


This was a little bit tricky, because basically you have to blend black liner with red lipstick.  I personally used Essence’s Long Lasting Lipstick in Dare To Wear, but basically you find a shade of red that’s flattering to your skin tone!  I’ve never bought black lip liner, & do you know what I used?  Eyeliner!  Fill your lips in as you normally would, with red lipstick.  Then outline your lips with the black liner, concentrating a little bit more on the corners, & use your fingers to blend.  If you’ve gone too heavy handed on the liner, you can always blot it off & add more lipstick.


-Stained Lips


This actually quite popular among K pop stars; the stained lip look.  Basically you would need to coat your lips with concealer / foundation; & carefully put on some color at opening of your lips.  Using your finger, you would just tap them to blend the colors.


-Frosted Fuschia


Here I actually used a bright pink color called Melted Fuchsia Liquified Long wear Lipstick by Tarte.  I have a weakness for makeup sets, & sometimes I get some really bright colors that I would never ordinarily wear.  But now I can!  If I wear it by itself, it’s just a bright almost neon pink lipstick; however when you do an ombrè lip, you end up blending it with other colors that make it less distracting & actually prettier!  I line my lips & put it also on the outer corners with the Tarte lipstick, & put on a frosted pink lip gloss in the center.  When blending I usually tap the color with my finger, & voila!  A frosted fuchsia ombrè lip!


-Pink With a Highlight


This is actually quite pretty, & easy as well!  I used a lip stain, a Cream Lip Stain in Cherry Blossom by Sephora Collection.  I generally wouldn’t recommend using a lip stain when it comes to contouring your lips; because usually you want to be able to blend, & that’s virtually impossible with a lip stain.  Here, it’s not a problem!

Just put on the lip stain as you normally would (like any lip color) & then dab a bit of highlighter on the center of your lips.  I used NYX’s Illuminator, using my finger to dab in the center.  If you have a cream / liquid highlighter, that works as well!  That actually might work better for they would last longer!


-Stained Bottom Lip


I saw a picture of this & thought this was interesting.  This also gave me a chance to use one of the bright lipsticks that I get (again in a set) & utilize in a new way!  Here I used French Kiss by Laura Mercier on my top lip.  Put some lipstick slightly on the top of your bottom lip.  Take your highlighter (again, I’m using NYX’s Illuminator) & tap it onto your bottom lip.  The tapping allows you to apply color, as well as blend at the same time.  Afterward I just pressed my lips together, blotted my lips with a tissue, to lighten the overall colors.


-Red With a Neon Pink


Here I paired my staple red lipstick, Essence’s Long Lasting Lipstick in Dare To Wear, with a highlight in a bright almost neon pink that I had picked up in H&M’s new makeup line: a lipstick in Tea Rose.  I lined my lips & outer corners with the red, & then filled in the center with the pink lipstick.


-Frosted Berry


I wondered why I thought it would be a challenge to do an ombrè lip, for some of these are really easy!  Here I just put on a dark berry shade all over my lips, & again dab some highlighter in the center.  (Keep in mind I’m going to keep using NYX’s Illuminator), & then press your lips together.  For more dramatic effect, you could add more highlighter & distribute it slightly outside the center, & press your lips again!


-Smoky Nude


This is I think is for the gals that love a nude lip, but would like to give it more dimension.  Here I put on a nude lipstick, here I used Matte Revolution Lipstick by Urban Decay in Naked (the color is so close to my skintone that you can hardly tell I have lipstick on!) & then lined my lips with a black liner.  Using my finger again, to blend the colors.  I felt like it could be darker on the outer edges, so I line them again, but only on the outer corners, & use your finger to blend again.


-Magenta Rose


This is a lovely blend of colors!  I lined the outside of my lips with a magenta lip gloss Rimmel’s Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss in Candy Floss, while I filled in the rest with a baby pink one (Rimmel’s Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Claridge’s Ruby).  Then I took my finger to smooth across & blend the colors together.


-Coral Pink


This is an interesting mix of 2 colors: pink & orange!  Who would’ve thought that these 2 colors would go well together?  I place a fuchsia color using French Kiss by Laura Mercier on the corners of my lips, & place an orange lip gloss in between.  I may tap slightly with my finger, or press my lips together to blend.

If you would like to try it yourself, keep some tissues / makeup wipes on hand.  Optional: a lip brush.  You will need the tissues / makeup wipes if you blend with your finger, & also you will find that with ombrè lips there might be some cross contaminating of colors.  i.e. when you blend your pink lipstick with a red one, you will probably find the blended colors on your lipstick, which you wouldn’t want.

Hope you liked this post & the demos!  And have fun with making your own ombrè lips!






5 thoughts on “20 Shades Of Ombrè.. And How To Do Them!

  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve always been a little boring with my makeup, usually sticking to neutral tones, especially on my lips. I love how brave some people can be with their makeup!


  2. oh my goodness! THANK YOU for your efforts with this ombre look! I’ve been trying to achieve the purrfect ombre lip look, I’ve even bought the lipstick with the smudger at the other end , with no success! I’ve followed your instructions with the lip stain look, and it looks great ! you rock!


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