Solo Mio vs. Foreo’s Luna Play: Which one is better?

solo mio vs. foreo luna

Solo Mio Sonic Facial Brush, $38, Foreo Luna Play, $39

They are pretty much the same in price; but which one is better?  I came across the Foreo Luna Play in my monthly Allure Beauty Box subscription, which is a steal because I only pay $15 a month for it!  Exfoliating is not a new thing to me, but I’ve never used any of these new hi tech silicone covered gadgets.

foreo luna normal skin

Splurge: Luna 2 for Normal Skin by Foreo, $200

A little background on these tools: Luna, created by a Swedish company named Foreo, are electronic facial exfoliators sold in stores like Sephora, Net-a-porter, Saks Fifth Ave, (among others) that vibrates & exfoliates the skin at the same time!  They boast that you don’t need to recharge it, (supposedly you can use it for 100 uses before its battery dies) completely waterproof, & reduces fine lines & wrinkles!  And they come in different sizes & prices!  They have a mini for $100, & recently came out with a travel sized one called Luna Play for $40!

I had seen Foreo’s products in Sephora before, but balked at the high prices.  $200 for a face exfoliator?  Of course, I find that these days if there’s a popular beauty product on the market, (especially if it’s an expensive one!) there are bound to be dupes on the market.  Enter Solo Mio, (which is about the same size as the Luna Mini) but only costs $38, vs. $200 you would have to shell out for a Luna exfoliator.

Solo Mio

solo mio

Save:  Solo Mio Sonic Facial Brush, $38

I don’t recall exactly how I came across this one; I think I was searching for reviews on the Luna Play & stumbled across this on Amazon.  It has a nearly perfect score from customers, & at this price it made me curious to get one.

Pros of the Solo Mio:

-Has 14 levels of vibration, so that you can raise / lower the intensity.

-Comes with a 2 year warranty.

-Comes with a USB charger in case you need to charge it.

-Has micro scrubbers on both sides, which they indicate that 1 side is for cleansing & the other is for massaging.

-My skin felt really nice & refreshed after using it!


-Strange shape: I think the slightly curved design makes it awkward to use; & I find it strange to push it in the smaller areas on my face i.e. around the eyes & nose.

-Only comes in 1 color.  The Luna Mini comes in 6 different colors, & Luna Play comes in 7!  But for me this is a minor detail; the most important thing is that the thing works & is worth the money.

Luna Play

foreo luna play.jpg

Save: Luna Play by Foreo, $39

This little exfoliator is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand!


-Also has a 2 year warranty.

-Completely submersible in water.

-Small & portable, can fit in your bag.  Also small enough to get into the smaller areas on your face.


-Size: I know above that I mentioned it as a pro, but it might be too small for some people.

-Only has 1 vibration.  Either it’s on or off.

-Not rechargeable.

-Bristles on one side only.

Bottom line: So which one is indeed better?  This is mostly a personal preference, but I prefer the Solo Mio.  In all honesty there isn’t a vast difference between them; however if you are a girl on the go I would recommend Luna Play!

7 thoughts on “Solo Mio vs. Foreo’s Luna Play: Which one is better?

  1. I like the solo mio because it has several different vibration modes. I’ve never used one but would be willing to try!!
    Fantastic review!!


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