Never Pay Full Price On Makeup Again!

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*Sigh*  Makeup.  One of the best things we get buy as women.  But did you know that you don’t need to pay for them full price?  Do tell!


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-Check out flash sales.  If you haven’t checked out sales like Hautelook, Gilt, Groupon, or Livingsocial, you definitely should!  All of them always have a beauty section with items on sale!  Hautelook & Gilt tend to feature specific brands for a limited period of time; whereas Groupon & Livingsocial feature specific items on sale.  And all these sites have steep discounts on high end beauty products!  (You should see perfume sell out like hot cakes!)



-Shop discount websites.  Take a look at sites like Allcosmeticswholesale, Overstock, Ballbeauty, and TJMaxx, sell beauty products discounted, because they are usually “shelf pull items”; which means that they are products that have been discontinued, from last season, mislabeled, etc.  And for these reasons, they are sold at lower prices!


-Mix it up with honey.  Download Honey, a Google chrome extension that searches for coupons while you shop!  After you’ve downloaded it, you’ll notice that the icon will turn orange, with a number.  This number indicates how many coupons are available!  You can choose which coupon that are applicable to your purchase, & then it will add it to the promo code section at checkout!


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-Sign up for a membership.  Have you joined Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program?  Or Ulta’s Ultamate Reward Program?  Both are completely free, allows you to accrue points with purchases, and you get a free birthday gift!  Also if you shop at CVS, they have an Extracare Beauty Club that gives you a 10% off once you enroll, & discounts also on your birthday!  Shopping smart never looked so good..  And all of them have sales and/or coupons!


-Leave your cart.  There are some online stores that once you add items to your cart & leave it, they will send you an email with a coupon, trying to get you to come back & make your purchase.


-Check out makeup tutorials on Youtube.  Not only do Vloggers feature coupon codes in description boxes, but there’s also a wealth of people swatching / reviewing products online!  Also a great plus is that some bloggers will test out a high end product, & show you a dupe in comparison!  And of course, they will tell you which one they prefer & which one is the better deal.  Just do a search of the product you’re interested in!  There’s a wealth of information out there, it’s up to you to go out & find it!


Feel like paying full price on makeup again?  I’m going to guess not..  Utilize these tips & never pay full price again!


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18 thoughts on “Never Pay Full Price On Makeup Again!

  1. Wow there are so many different websites that you mentioned that do deals I never knew about! I’m super excited to look into these sites when I’m able to start working again and actually have some money to spend! Makeup, especially the stuff it seems like all of us really want the most, is just getting so ridiculously expensive, so any way to save a few bucks is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing knowledge!! Lol


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