Yes that’s right!  The best things in life are FREE.  I’ve written on my blog on how you can get makeup, clothes & beauty supplies at reasonable prices.  But what about free?  Here I’ll list some pointers on how to get stuff gratis.

First, I will list the websites that send things out for free:  They have links on how to get free things every day!
Allure Magazine gives away free stuff every month.  Sign up to get the free items.  Allure Magazine also has a membership called Sample Society.  For $15 a month they will send you deluxe sample of beauty products to try.  It’s not free but it’s something I’m thinking about signing up for.
P&G: Sign up with P&G Everyday and you can get free samples:
Sephora: If you sign up for their Beauty Insider membership (don’t worry it’s free), you can get a free birthday gift every year.  Plus you accrue point with your purchases & can get free samples with them.
Ulta: They also give out a free birthday gift too as well.  Go to and sign up for their email & they will ask you for your birthday. If you sign up for their email at , you can get email alerts for free makeup samples, & discounts, & more!
Other websites that also give out free things daily:
The website most well known for giving out free stuff is  For these kind of websites, best to sign up with an email you don’t use often (they might spam you) and use a false birthday just in case.  I read an article online that gets you samples because you fill out surveys for them.  BUT, if you want to give it a try, that’s up to you.
Beauty Boxes You Can Get For Free!
Maybe you have heard of subscription boxes, where you can get makeup & skincare samples sent to you every month!  Now due to sheer popularity, there are all kinds of subscription boxes out there!  But did you know that there are 2 that you can get for free?  You only need to pay for shipping & handling!  Walmart, has just started their own beauty box (surprise!) and you only need to pay $5!  And finally Honest Company, sends out free trial sizes of their products, & again you only need to pay for shipping & handling!  What are you waiting for?
woman with fruits rejecting junk food
Restaurants: a little known fact: lots of restaurants give out free entrees / desserts on your birthday.  i.e. sign up for their email at, & you can get a free entree with a dessert!  At Joe’s Crab Shack, sign up for their email & get a free appetizer!  For a list of restaurants that give out free stuff on your birthday, check them out here! this is a cool website meant for environment friendly people.  It was site started where people could give away things for free: with only one stipulation: it must be free.  Their goal was to lessen the amount of garbage in the world by allowing people to post up things that they want to get rid of.  I don’t recommend that you get beauty/fashion related things on here, but there are some great finds.  I almost got a free air conditioner on  I almost got a tv, but I had contacted the other person too late.  Freecycle is best I think for things that you need around the house.  Why not?  Just say you’re getting free stuff for the betterment of the earth!!
Another idea to get things for free:  Throw a swap party!!!  I know it sounds weird; it sounded weird to me the first time I heard of it.  But one of my co workers had it at work, and what great fun it was!!  You could even do it together with your friends; during brunch with the girls.  I’m sure that you’ve dug through your closet & you found things that you never wore.  Or didn’t like anymore.  Or can’t use/doesn’t fit/just flat out plain sucks.  My husband and I get a lot of samples from work, so we would be giving that kind of stuff away all the time.
Think of all the things you could get rid of that you don’t want/need.  Even better!!  Think of all the things that you can get for free!!  It’s almost like secret Santa, but it doesn’t need to be xmas! If you had been at my swap party, you would’ve gotten some Victoria’s secret body mist, clothes, free makeup samples from Sephora, etc.  I’ve given out tubes of lotion, lip glosses, & perfume.  All at a swap party at work.  I had a few sporks (you know a spoon & fork in 1) that we never used, that my coworker was delighted to have.  I could’ve given away bottles of wine.  THIS is a great time to give away lame presents that you got (from other people not attending this party) that you didn’t like & want to get rid of.  All kinds of things.  It really is someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.   I do try to be environment friendly sometimes & this is 1 great way.  Why make more unnecessary garbage in the world?  And do you need another reason to meet up with your friends? And why pay for stuff if you can get it for free?  We live in an overpriced world, anyway.  Enjoy it & have fun!!!!

If you would like to get more free stuff, read How To Get Free Food When You Dine Out!


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205 thoughts on “HOW TO GET THINGS FREE!!

  1. I’m a firm believer in trying samples before buying makeup and skin care products. Unfortunately, many cosmetics reps will not give out samples, even when asked.


  2. Great ideas and information, I appreciate the effort it takes to compile and it is definitely bookmarked to revisit often.
    Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂


  3. Wow, there are so many, I had no idea how to get so much free stuff. Thank you for sharing these tips!


  4. I use many of these websites and I have for years. There are a couple of new ones for me and it is always great to get reminded of sites to check. I didn’t see it but may have missed it. is great for a monthly sample box.


  5. I love this. Another way to get free things is to sign up from instant prize giveaways! It takes a while, and you’re not guaranteed to get anything, but it’s still fun!


  6. I’ve tried some of these but others are new to me. Thank you for sharing, I love samples so I can try before I buy.


  7. What a wonderfully informative post!! I have bookmarked this post to come back to often. Thank you for providing this for us.


  8. This is just a FYI or please show this dummy, whichever applys. I used to have the Walmart sample page bookmarked until that computer died. When I went to it from your link I did not see any sample options. And on the target samples it said i must have used the wrong url……????? Just saying this because I didn’t know if you had checked the links recently or maybe these sites had changed the link or maybe I’m just a dummy. Anyway, if I were you I would want to know if the links were working. And if you were me you would want to know why you can’t access these links/sites because they have good stuff!!!!!
    Thank you for your time and for such wonderful information.


    1. Dear Christy,

      Thank you for giving me the heads up! I actually have hundreds of articles featured on my blog, so it’s hard to keep everything updated! I just checked & Target has actually discontinued giving out free samples. =( But all of the other websites I listed still are! I have other articles you should definitely check out! Thanks again!


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