Affordable Substitutes For High End Beauty Gadgets!


Have you ever come across some high priced beauty gadgets that you wanted to get, but couldn’t afford?  Now you can!


Heated Hairbrush Straightener

Splurge: PYT Fast & Flawless Thermal Styling Brush, $380, Save: Bestope Hair Straightener Straightening Iron, $20

Maybe you’ve seen something like this, maybe you haven’t.  A company called PYT Hair started making these heated hairbrushes that also does double duty as a hair straightener.  Hate straightening your hair?  Want to get rid of the frizz without breaking out the straightener?  Now it’s as simple as brushing your hair!  However, they sell their heated hairbrushes for almost $400!  Thankfully, their overpriced heated brush has since been discontinued.  Backed by sheer popularity, there are all kinds of dupes on the market for a fraction of the price!


Face Exfoliator / Microdermabrasion Brush

exfoliate face silicone.jpg

 Splurge: Luna 2 by Foreo,$200, vs. Save: Solo Mio, $38

Have you seen this one as well?  Foreo, a Swedish company that specializes in silicone covered beauty gadgets, have put out a wide line of face exfoliators that vibrate, exfoliate & massage your skin all at the same time!  They have different variations, as well different sizes & prices.  They have Luna Play! which is their smallest one for $39.  Usually their facial exfoliators cost at least $100.  I feel that especially nowadays if there’s an expensive gadget out there, there’s bound to be a dupe somewhere on the market.  And there are quite a few!  Solo mio, happens to be 1 of them and only costs $40!  I wrote a post where I compare the Solo mio, and Luna Play!, Solo Mio vs. Foreo’s Luna Play: Which one is better?  which is 1 of my most popular posts of all time!


Face Steamer


Splurge:Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Pro Facial Steamer, $140, Save: Secura Nano Ionic Nanocare Facial Steamer, $34

Ever wanted to give yourself a facial at home?  I’ll bet you have.  Lots of women love the idea of facials, but for me I cringe when I hear that word.  I loathe extractions & always find them painful.  I’ve read stories where women stick their heads over a boiling pot of water to open their pores.  But why break your back?  You could buy this handheld version & literally steam your face at your desk!


Hair Straightener & Curler 2 in 1

beautiful hair

Splurge: T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand, $270, Save: Berta 2 in 1 Hair Curler & Straightener Curling Iron, $29

I think all women are familiar with either a curling iron / hair straightener.  Honestly I’ve had the same one for years & it’s always been a 2 in 1 straightener /  curling iron.  I don’t know why one would buy them separately when they’re so convenient when it’s all in 1 tool.  And you don’t need to spend $300 on 1, either.  No one will be able to tell after you’ve finished doing your hair.


Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush: Oral Genius Pro Electric Toothbrush, $169, Save: Oral B Pulsar Pack of 2, $10

Ah, electric toothbrushes.  It gives you the feeling of having a professional cleaning right in your own home.  And the toothbrushes (as well as the replacement heads) can cost a pretty penny.  I personally love Oral B Pulsar toothbrush, for not only is it an electric toothbrush, but the head is split down the center so that it can contour & move around the shape of your teeth!  Get your professional teeth cleaning every day at home!


Face Massager

Splurge: Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager, $140, Save: Touch Beauty Heated Face Massager, $30

Ah Foreo..  always putting out expensive tools, wrapped in silicone.  This they would have you believe is an eye massager.  The top portion of the tool rotates back & forth, & you’re supposed to place it directly underneath your eyes, massaging any under eye circles you may have.  But for $140?   You could get this Touch Beauty Heated Face Massager, for it massages & heats up at the same time!


Give Yourself A Professional Blow Dry

beautiful hair

Hot Hairbrush: Splurge: Amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush, $150, Save: Revlon One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer, $60

Who doesn’t love a professional blow dry, with your hair looking fresh out of the salon? There are some women who are dextrous enough to do it themselves, with a brush in 1 hand & the hair dryer in the other.  I’ve never been able to give myself a professional blow dry at home.  But, with this hot air brush I can!  You can show off to your family, friends, looking like you stepped right out of the salon, when the truth is that you did it all by yourself.  If you would like to get the Amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush, you can, but Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air Kit literally has the same amount of wattage!  (And you save yourself $100!)


Derma Roller

MTS CR5 Micro Needle Roller, $130, Micro Needles Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller, $14

Relatively new to the mainstream market, microneedling has been appearing in the news as a new cosmetic treatment.  How does it work?  Each derma roller, (usually rolled across the face) has hundreds of needles, & by creating tiny injuries in the skin, it boosts collagen production as the skin heals.  It has already been used to treat under eye circles, wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, & more!  This writer from Byrdie claims that microneedling has permanently gotten rid of her under eye circles!  Not convinced?  Check out this article for more information on microneedling & derma rollers!

I hope this article was helpful!  If getting something makes your life easier, & saves you some money, go for it!


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