HAIRBRUSHES!!! How to clean them, & other hair tools…

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More on hair!  Previously it was just about hair cuts, shampoo & conditioner.  Now I’ll tell you about getting hair products on a budget.   Hair brushes!  And combs!  I always, always get mine at the dollar store.  And I find that they work just as well as any brush.  And another great place I found hairbrushes?  Forever21!  And most of their hair brushes are only $5!!  They have all kinds of adorable prints, but they’re usually large paddle brushes.


Hair brush from Forever21, $4.90

For your travels, it’s good to get a mini hair brush.  (You can find them for about $2)  Some women like a round hair brush, to do a professional blow dry at home by themselves.  But I find this cumbersome with a hairdryer in 1 hand, and the brush in the other.  But this is a personal choice.  Keep reading below & you will find the round hairdryer that does the same thing

And how to clean these things?  People get all confused at how to clean something we use every day.  My mother used to use all kinds of techniques with toothpicks, etc.  I will tell you the simple, simple way of cleaning your hair brush.  First, you will need a matching comb.

What do you mean by matching comb?  To clean your hairbrushes, you will need a comb that “fits” your brush.  Where the bristles & the teeth of the comb can actually “meet” each other.  This is the best way to clean them.

How to clean your brush: Check out my “hairy” brush Begin at the bottom of the bristles of the brush, & start to ‘lift’ the hair with the comb. Do it on both sides. It’s best to do this right over the garbage can.

Lift with your fingers the extra hair. Loose strands you can easily pull with your fingers.

Use your comb & run it up & down the brush. This will get the balls of dust out of your brush. You can keep lifting at the roots of the bristles if you still have clumps of dust there.

AND VOILA!  That’s it! Now my brush is clean. if you want to make it extra clean, you can soak your brush in a plastic bowl, with soapy water overnight. (this will help remove the oil from your brush) & give it a good rinse in the morning. Other hair care supplies: hair dryer:  You can get a basic Revlon hair dryer for about $13.  You know that there are hair dryers can cost $200?  There’s a GHD air professional performance hair dryer at Sephora for $225.  Why bother??  ALL hair dryers do the same thing!  They. dry. your. hair.

Above: Budget: Revlon RV408 1875 watt full size turbo dryer, $13

Splurge: GHD air professional performance hair dryer, $225, Sephora For the hair dryer that will give you the more professional blowout:


Revlon shine enhancing hot air kit, $19, on You can brush & blow dry your hair AT the same time, giving yourself the professional blow out at home.  Note: many of these round hair brushes have low wattage, but this one doesn’t, at 1200 watts! Hair straightener & curling irons:  I don’t know why women buy them separately.  It costs more money & there’s more junk in your cabinet.  Also there are brands that charge an arm and leg for it too.

Splurge: T3 Single pass x 1.5 Iron: $230, at Sephora Buy an all in one:

Surker Fast heat up 2 in 1 professional hair straightener/curler, $15, at A hair straightener & curler in 1!  I have a 2 in 1 that I bought from Conair years ago, & I’m still using it to this day.  Has not let me down since.  Just be careful when you let the straightener/curler cool down, & do not leave anything near it like tissue/paper because when it’s hot enough, it can burn. I hoped this post has helped you!!! Links:


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