HAIRCUTS!! Cutting, and coloring…

I will be talking about haircuts, and coloring

Getting a good haircut is probably one of the most important things we need as women. Your hair is one of the first things that people see. I think it’s a bad idea to have hair that is too long & hasn’t been cut in awhile. Chances are you might have split ends, & for me personally overgrown hair feels really heavy. Quite often I let my hair grow out, & after a haircut I look, feel young & refreshed. That’s what a haircut can do for most people.

Unfortunately there are people who will charge an arm & a leg (like $300) for a haircut. I’m quite fortunate because I know a salon near me, that my mom went to for years, that charges $15 for a haircut! Yes, for wash, cut, & blow dry.  And they give great haircuts.


I know that every woman is not going to find the same thing. BUT there’s nothing stopping you from trying! Again, try & Lifebooker is a great site that helps you find great deals on beauty treatments in your area.  On yelp just search ‘hair salons’, and you can research the prices that people offer, and read customer reviews. Yelp could be your best friend. Also another online source for haircuts:  You get get higher end services at cheaper prices. But like every savvy saver, you must do your research.

What I believe is the most powerful tool of advertising: good word of mouth. Ask your friends where they get their hair cut, if they like it, & how much it is. If you see someone on the street & you love her hair, stop her, ask her where she got her hair cut. Don’t be shy. There’s no harm in asking, if anything she’ll be flattered by the compliment, & you’re the person that’s trying to save yourself some money.

What happens if you color it?  You will have to do your research there too, on who has good deals.  Also take into consideration what you want: highlights or you want to dye all of your hair?  (Highlights are usually cheaper) Is your hair long or short? (Obviously shorter will be cheaper) If you do find an inexpensive salon, ask them A) how much will it cost to dye my hair? and B) how much for touch ups?  Take all of these factors into consideration.  If you want to dye it, you will have to maintain it.  And can you do it on your budget? I’ve known girls who dyed their own hair; I don’t knock dying your hair out of the box, but it’s tricky getting the exact color you want.  The key: it’s easier to go darker than it is lighter.  Sometimes girls make mistakes dying their own hair they end up going to the salon anyway to have it fixed.  And DO NOT get the hair dye from the dollar store.  This is a place where you have to invest a couple more bucks. Most hair stylists will recommend you getting a haircut once every 6 weeks, but this is not true.  If you keep your hair long & well maintained, you can keep it up to twice a year.  If your hair is short and you want to keep it short, then you will need to cut it more often.  if you have damaged hair, stylists recommend you cut it every 2 months.  If all the hair salons around you are pricey, these are things that you will have to take into consideration. Check out my next post, on maintaining your hair. Links:

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