Ways You Can Make Wearing High Heels Less Painful!



Ahh, high heels.  Most of us love them, but boy they are painful to wear sometimes.  It is really hard to avoid the temptation of beautiful looking shoes.  Here I will give you tips & tricks on making your shoes more comfortable!

I personally don’t wear high, high heels.  The most I will go is about 2.5 inches, and any higher I will need some platforms.  There are lots of tricks, or hacks with high heels, but as far as I know, most women are not aware of them.  But why put yourself through more pain?


About to put on a pair of tall ones?  Try this hack to minimize the pain right before wearing:


  1. Run your feet under cold water.  (Even if it’s in the sink)
  2. Then moisturize your feet.
  3. Slip into your shoes with your feet still damp (not wet).

And how does this work?  The lotion helps seal in the moisture of the water & lubricate the feet.


..Or try this new item on the market!

joyus sole serum foot pain.jpg

Sole Serum, $20

Sole Serum!  Add 2 or 3 drops to the soles of your feet!  It has a blend of lidocaine, which relieves pain, & 3 oils: peppermint, tea tree, & lavender, which help soothe pain up to a few hours.  Available at Joyus.com, if you spend $50 or more, enter PEOPLE10 as a coupon code, and get 10% off!


Other High Heel Hacks! 

shoes 2

-When in doubt, buy a size slightly larger.  If you have to choose between shoes that are a bit tight, vs. shoes that are slightly loose, go with slightly loose.  There isn’t always a guarantee that shoes will stretch out.


-Take breaks from your shoes.  Not just your high heels, but all your shoes.  Alternate 2 pairs of shoes at least every other day.  This gives your shoes a break from daily wear & tear, & gives your feet a break.  How does it give your feet a break?  If you love pointy toed shoes, alternate them between round or open toe.  Alternating them give your feet a break.


-Walk around the house in new shoes to break them in.  Especially before a big event!  I actually do this quite often with any kind of new shoes.  It’s hard to tell in store whether or not a shoe will be killing me after 5 hours of wearing them.  Walking around in around the house not only gives me an opportunity to break them in, but in case they do turn out to be too painful, I can still return them.  (Because they haven’t been worn outdoors.)


Another tip: Blow dry a pair of socks for 2 min, & then put them on with your new shoes & walk around the house.  Heating up the shoes allows the leather to stretch slightly, & the socks help to push the leather out just a bit more than your bare feet would.


-Stretch out tight boots with some rubbing alcohol.  Take some cotton balls & swab the insides of your boots with them.  Afterwards wear socks with them for at least 30 min.  The alcohol will allow the leather to stretch while you walk around.


-Get blisters?  Put deodorant, vaseline, or baby powder on your feet.  All 3 items can help to lubricate your feet, so that they move more freely & lessens friction.


-Tape the 3rd & 4th toe together.  Obviously you can’t do this if you’re wearing sandals.  There is a nerve that splits between your 3rd and 4th toes, and wearing heels puts pressure on this nerve.  Taping these 2 toes together with medical tape alleviates the pressure on the nerve.


-Sand the bottom of your shoes.  When you sand the bottom of your shoes, it gives you better grip, & makes it less likely to slip.



-Place a plastic bag of water inside your shoes, & then put them in the freezer overnight.  The water will expand as the water freezes, stretching them out for you.

dr scholls high heel insoles gel inserts.jpg

Dr. Scholl’s Dream Walk High Heel Insoles, $8

-Place in gel inserts.  You can find this at your local drugstore!  They have all kinds, in different sizes, for all kinds of shoes!  If your feet hurt, what are you waiting for?  For a list of inserts for high heels, click here!

heel caps.jpg

Quick Tips Instant Heel Tip Replacement Caps, $8

-Buy heel caps.  This also saves your heels from being filed down; and you from taking some tumbles.


-Keep a few cotton balls in your purse.  Especially if your shoe is a bit big.  Stuff the toe with cotton balls at the toe until the fit is right.


Have in mind any more high heel hacks?  Drop a line!

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