WHAT TO GIVE WOMEN AS PRESENTS!!! (Feel free to send the men in your life this link)

What to give women as presents…
I’m writing this post for I feel like a lot of men are clueless what to buy women.  And it is a challenge!  It’s always difficult shopping for the opposite sex.  And many factors come into play, whether you’re friends, family, coworkers, or it’s your significant other.  Feel free to give the men in your life the link to this post to clue them into what they should be giving you.
This past Christmas we had secret santa at my job.  I gave someone else a lovely luggage bag, whilst I got a ratty looking gray scarf that looked like it was $5.  Another coworker of mine said SHE got a xmas ornament that said, “The world’s best firefighter”.  I just wanted to shake my head.  And it’s what inspired me to write this post.I will give you the best gift options for women:

-Chocolate:  It should be in a gift basket or a decent sized box.  And when I say gift basket, I don’t mean fruit.  And the chocolate should not be Hersey’s, or Snickers.  It should be Lindt, Godiva, or at the very least, Ghiradelli.  Every once in awhile I see that Lindt makes lovely chocolate gift baskets.  Or a box of chocolates!  Please get a decent size & not one that has only like 6 pieces or something.  (Unless it’s a small gesture, she might think you’re cheap)  I think this is a great gift for either gender.  Check below for a website that sells lots of gift baskets, & Godiva boxes of chocolate you can pick up at your local Macy’s.

Bath and Body products: Every woman will appreciate bath & body products.  Almost all women love a luxurious bubble bath, and nice scented lotions.  Women, more so than men, love to feel pampered.  There are also certain sites that sell bath & body products for women who are expecting.  Any pregnant woman would be delighted to have that.
Tip: Best to buy a set that has different scents for her to try.  i.e. let’s say you get strawberry scented.  What happens if she hates strawberry?

Coffret or a set of rollerballs: this is great for all women unless they hate perfume.  Most women love perfume & the great thing about a coffret is that you don’t have to buy just one fragrance.  They have a selection for her to choose from!  I’ve given coffrets to my girl friends and they love them.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.59.34 PM

-Fashion no no: never buy a woman a large bottle of perfume unless you know it’s her favorite.

-Another no no: don’t buy women clothes.  It’s a very, very tricky area that you’re walking into.  Unless you know her size & EXACTLY what her tastes are, most likely you might offend the woman.  You’re better off getting her a gift card.

A makeup set: is a great idea for most women.  I know my mom would love this one.  The only women you should not buy this for is if they hate makeup.

-Flowers:  What happened to giving flowers?  The only time I see flowers now really are at weddings. When was the last time you remembered seeing a woman getting a lovely bouquet of flowers?  Every Mother’s day I would call 800-FLOWERS and send over my mom flowers.  I also got a friend a bouquet for her birthday.  If you have a friend who’s feeling sad, send a small bouquet of flowers to cheer her up.  I don’t know why men don’t give flowers that often anymore; maybe because they will eventually die?  But who cares?  As women we can hang them to dry, press them into books, or make potpourri.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.52.50 PM
-Wallets, or bags: These always make nice presents.  I know a girl who gave her bridesmaids wristlets as presents after her wedding.  And a girl could always use a new wallet when the old one starts to wear down.  A decent wallet should cost at least $20.  A decent bag should cost $40 or more.  For good quality bags, you should get Michael Kors or Tory Burch.  (Or higher) However, a Michael Kors’s bag will set you back like $200.  However, for me, when I get a bag I’m looking for quality, because I’ve had too many cheap bags fall apart.  However much you feel like spending on a present is up to you.

-Small, Designer items: I had a boss once that gave us all Marc Jacobs key chains for Christmas.  All women love designer things, but not all of us can afford them.  If you give a scarf, compact mirror, by i.e. Prada, it would be greatly appreciated.  And this makes great gifts for all of my girl friends.

-Cell phone cases: Everyone adores cell phone cases!!  The only stipulation here is that you must know what kind of cell phone she has.  As a present someone gave me several cell phone cases; & I returned the favor to someone else.  Tip:give a few so that she has some options to choose from.   Not every girl loves “blingy” cases.  And do not give this to grandma especially if she doesn’t have a cell phone.
-Personalized gifts: This greatly varies upon the person you’re giving it to.  If you go to Walmart.com, they have a personalized section where you can i.e. get pictures printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.  Now they have all kinds of personalized gifts for every occasion.  I once gave a friend, a mug with a photo of her, her husband & child printed on a coffee mug.  They quite adored the gift.  And they’re not expensive, they could cost starting like $12.  You could get your girlfriend m&ms with your faces printed on them.  Or as a wedding present to your wife (or another couple) else you could get your (or their) names engraved on a photo frame.  (The frame below is on Walmart for only $25.  Not so expensive.)  If you have a close friend, i.e. for example who loves London, if you could get a photo of her there (maybe off Facebook or something) and have the photo printed on a mug for her.  It would be a personalized gift, something unique, special, & most likely no one else has given her.  And she would probably adore it like my friends did.  Check below for links.
-Scented candles: if you’re giving them as a gift, this is NOT the time to hit the dollar store.  I have a co worker who received a rose scented candle that she loved & adored.  Most women like candles, to have in the living room/bathroom.  Lavender is said to be relaxing.  For a romantic night, light up the whole room with candles & have a romantic dinner at home.  She’ll never forget that.  Who says that romance is dead?

-A gift idea: If you have to get a girl a gift, & let’s say you know her favorite color.  I used to have a friend whose absolute favorite color was green.  I got her a present of a green Shu Uemura eyeshadow, mixed in with a bunch of green earrings.  Ok, they were costume jewelry, but it was an expensive eyeshadow ($30 for 1 color!!) mixed in with other things she would like.  I couldn’t get her an expensive, expensive present, and this was my way of opting in between.  This could be a great idea for someone else you know.  Get one item that’s expensive, & mix it in with other things that she’d like.  Hair accessories would also be great here.  This is a great idea if you know her favorite color.



-Jewelry: and I mean the REAL thing.  Ok, this is really meant for close family, or your significant other.  This is for birthdays, Valentine’s day, anniversaries or Christmas.  Hey, if you really want to show your wife/girlfriend that you care, jewelry can come any time of the year!  The very minimum it should at least silver.  White gold tends to look better than yellow gold, but this a personal preference.  And it doesn’t really matter which kind of jewelry you buy: it’s the thought that counts.  Think about the woman that you’re buying for & her tastes.  i.e. if her favorite color is pink, then pick something with pink stones.

Exception: If you have a friend/coworker, and her birthday/xmas is coming up & she adores costume jewelry, then by all means get some for her.  In terms of costume jewelry, hair accessories always make great gifts.

One of the ultimate presents: a new cell phone:  This is also reserved for close family, and your significant other.  This is a great present if your girlfriend/wife has just broken hers, or lost it.  This shows that you’re concerned & worried about her, & that you’re willing to make her happy.  I happen to know a guy who bought three Iphone 6s for his girlfriend, his sister, and his girlfriend’s sister.  But strangely, not for himself.  Of all the presents you could give a woman, with the engagement ring being #1, a new cell phone would be #2.


-The last resort: a gift card.  I would not do Starbucks gift cards unless she adores coffee.  And who says gift cards are only for men?  I love gift cards!  I specifically told my husband that I prefer gift cards over jewelry.  Great places for gift cards: Macy’s (or other dept. stores), and Sephora.  I think Victoria’s Secret makes a great gift card, but unless it’s your significant other, it implies other things.  You wouldn’t want to give a Victoria’s secret gift card to a co worker.  It’s like implying you want her to buy some naughty lingerie.

When giving women gifts: most importantly, listen to the woman that you’re buying for & the things that she likes.  The most difficult people to shop for are coworkers, simply because you might not know them very well.  But i.e. if this girl loves dogs, then get her something dog related.  If she loves tea, then get her a lovely tea set with an infuser.  I’ve given you lots of options of gift ideas, but always take into consideration the woman you’re giving it to.  i.e. My mother would prefer makeup set over chocolate any day.  If you have a special occasion, or holiday coming up, get the women in your life something NICE!!!


For chocolate gift baskets: http://www.aagiftsandbaskets.com/

Bath & body works gift sets: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=18375076&cp=12587013&cm_re=Gifts-_-Banner3-_-ggifts_40u_s15_none_ls

The body shop gift sets: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/gifts/view-all-gifts.aspx#/view-all-gifts.aspx

Victoria’s secret lotion & perfume sets: https://www.victoriassecret.com/beauty/gift-sets

Coffrets at Ulta.com: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/a/_/Ntt-coffret/Nty-1?Dy=1&ciSelector=searchResults

Coffrets at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/search/search.jsp?keyword=coffret

Rollerballs at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/search/search.jsp?keyword=rollerballs

Gifts at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/gifts-for-her?sortBy=price%3A0%3A%3AP_PROD_NAME%3A0%3A%3AP_DEFAULT_SKU%3A1

Flowers: www.1800flowers.com

Custom photo m&m’s: http://www.mymms.com/utility.aspx

Personalized things at Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/browse/gifts-registry/personalized-gifts/1094765_133224/?cat_id=1094765_133224&facet=occasion:Valentine%27s%20Day

Personalized photo products at Walmart: http://photos.walmart.com/walmart/storepage/storePageId=Mugs

Shu Uemura products: http://www.shuuemura-usa.com/Special-Offers/special_offers-beauty,default,sc.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA0uGmBRDwj7mE1v-LlCYSJADxH16OF67f0W4UN65YPaUzL1kPUWSAyOdqNlb1UHXUjnxUmBoClQvw_wcB

239 thoughts on “WHAT TO GIVE WOMEN AS PRESENTS!!! (Feel free to send the men in your life this link)

  1. I definitely have to agree on all of these items! This is a must send to my hubby especially for Valentine’s day! I don’t understand why he’s never gotten me makeup…makeup always makes me happy! 🙂 All of these are great gift ideas! Thank you!


  2. The Valentines on my list would love to receive any of these this year amazing gifts. Love one for myself Marc Jacobs key chains so cute


  3. I am not in complete agreement with you. I hate gift cards and would be hurt if my husband gave me one. And I would also be really upset if it was from VS. So I think just asking your significant other what he/she would like might be a good starting point.


  4. Chocolates, perfumes and bath items are my favorites. Also I find it helpful to find out more about the person you’re giving the gift to. I’ve received a lot of compliments from people who said I put the most thought into gifts I give and it’s always things they love. I just observe things they like and their personality. It isn’t very difficult.


  5. These are nice ideas, but for a budget-conscious gift, anything from the heart with a well-thought out card would be appreciated. I felt a bit sad in reading about the chocolate: although the higher-end chocolates are appreciated (more worth the calories), the others are also thoughtful expressions of love. A handmade gift, such as something baked, built, or drawn touches my heart!


  6. Great gift ideas
    My suggestion on clothes is a gift card for somewhere nice ! Possibly a local boutique or something like that !!

    But never give a woman just a gift card only, give her something on your list too!

    Great ideas !
    And I am a subscriber !!!
    Need to share this post girl !


  7. I have a lovely boyfriend who buys me great gifts but never anything terribly “romantic”, This year, I mentioned that I love getting cookware but maybe not on Valentine’s Day. I bought him a beautiful handcrafted ebony watch, which I thought was something he would love. Since today is Valentine’s Day, we’ll see if he likes it. I won’t be mad if he buys more kitchen stuff, as I love to cook. but I hope it’s at least heart shaped! 🙂


  8. Wow…I need to make my hubby read this. Our 12th anniversary and my 31st birthday is March 3rd!!! I would love to get about anything mentioned above, but I love the flowers the best. There is something really wonderful about a fresh bouquet of colorful buds.


  9. My favourite gifts to receive are chocolates and perfume. The worst birthday gift I ever received was a clothes iron.


  10. Chocolate and flowers are the perfect thing to give any woman. I don’t know any woman who would turn it down!!


  11. I love receiving earrings, flowers and candy just like about any woman. This is a great post, and one that is great for sharing!


  12. So many great ideas! I love receiving bath stuff, make up sets and gift cards for clothing. I will admit flowers aren’t my first choice, but I would never turn them down!


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