The Smartest Ways To Shop & Save Money Online!


Ok, a lot of people shop online.  For me, it’s very convenient, for I can browse websites whenever I want, from the comfort of my desk, or lying in bed on my iPad, without the hassle of fighting any crowds.  However, as the access becomes easier, the more problems can arise.  We are living more & more in a culture where people buy lots of things, but not necessarily things they need.  What if I told you that I never pay full price for anything?

I do think of myself as a savvy saver, & I can’t take all the credit.  The person who helped me shape my way of saving money has been: my husband.  My husband is a great detective at shopping for deals, & has given me all kinds of advice when it comes to shopping.  He will literally research a product & wait months until finding a great deal before purchasing.  If he hadn’t given me the pointers that he has, I don’t know where I’d be.  Probably in massive amounts of debt!  Here I will list all kinds of tips of saving money when shopping online!


-Do Your Research

I mentioned this in a previous article, but this is probably the most important money saving tip of all: especially if you’re after something that is sold in multiple stores.  Always do a comparison when you shop.  There was a time when I wanted to buy a dress; I did a Google search on other places it was sold.  Turns out, I bought it from a department store that had it on sale!  I ended up saving myself $50 in price difference!  Definitely do a Google search on your item; I find a great site that browses dozens of websites at one time is!


-Be patient & wait for that sale!

Girl with shopping bags

You could say this about almost anything you want to buy; but this is particularly for items that are sold in one retailer, & one retailer only.  Quite often what happens is that many brands will overprice an item, only to put it on sale later when the season’s over.  For i.e. most items at Macy’s will be discounted several times before it’s finally sold out.  There was an instance where I bought something, only to find out that it got cheaper later!  And I was upset when I found that out for the first time!


-Always check the cost of shipping & return fees, as well as their return policy.

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This may not seem like a lot, but for many people it’s a deal breaker.  Usually the best stores to shop at, are the ones who allow you to return items in store.  (Because then there is no return shipping fee.)  And also, the same with sales, online sites will also have offers on free shipping, or i.e. shipping is free when you spend $50.  There have been a few times where I ordered cheap clothes from websites based in China, & ended up not liking the item.  But the items were so inexpensive that it wasn’t even worth the hassle of returning it.  There have also been other instances where I bought something online, got it, didn’t like it, & couldn’t return it because it was a final sale item.  Always read the fine print before you checkout!


-Go shopping in your closet.


You’d be surprised how many people overlook this.  But we all have distinct taste & style, & sometimes we’re bound to buy something similar to what we already have.  But why waste money & keep buying the same things?  And we have gone through our closets at some point & found something we haven’t worn in awhile & thought, ‘Oh my god!  I didn’t know I had this!’ Do an inventory check so you’re not buying duplicate clothing.


-To save money, sign up for emails at the stores you shop at.

Also do a search at sites like, couponcabin, &, for coupons, & you can sign up for email alerts for your favorite stores.  This is part of the waiting for a good deal!  However, if you are trying to budget & save money, it’s probably wise to opt out of this idea.


-Sign up for the credit card that gives you a discount.


Always do research on a card before signing the bottom line.  Personally I’m not a fan of credit cards, but when used wisely, you can score some great deals!  Lots of stores, only give out coupons to credit card holders, or they offer rewards if you have spent a certain amount on your card.  If you have a good handle on your expenses, & feel that a credit card would save you money, then go for it.  However, if you already have other debts to pay off, then adding another credit card would be another burden on your already crowded plate.


-Buy only the things you need.

Ask yourself every time before you make a purchase, ‘Do I need this?’  I know that we all enjoy in the fun of buying things we don’t need, but if you already have 10 pairs of shoes, do you really need another one?  Of course, we’re all human & like to indulge, but best to save that money for something you actually do need!


Download an app that helps you save money!

iphone case

In this modern day & age, there are so many apps that help you save money!  Slice, Simple, Shopkick, are just some apps that help you save!  Download them now & try them out!


And finally how I never pay for things full price?  I usually wait for a coupon and a sale, if I can so I can save both ways!  This is where research, & patience pays off!


Be smart & save your money!


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