What to wear when traveling between time zones!! And still look fashionable!


I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences; maybe you live somewhere cold; but yet you have to travel somewhere hot.  Or the complete opposite: you live somewhere hot & you have to travel to somewhere cold!  And the fact that we can no longer bring liquids on airplanes, & that most major US airports have body scanners, the question is how do we pack?  And what do we wear?


-If you are traveling from somewhere cold to hot: There were times I traveled from NYC deep in winter (like 20 degrees Fahrenheit) to Taiwan, (which is like 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and you feel the sudden difference once you land & you just want to start peeling off layers.  So what to do?


What I usually wear: I’ll wear a thin sweater / long sleeve top, & if it’s really cold at home I’ll throw on a cardigan just in case it’s cold on the airplane.  I’ll wear my coat, & just slip my coat / sweater into my carry on once I land at my destination.  For shoes I usually wear boots in the winter, but if it’s particularly hot where I land, I may change into sandals / flats.


-If you are traveling from somewhere hot to cold:  Obviously the opposite: dress as you would normally do as in spring or summer, & pack the cardigan & jacket in your carry on.  For me I’ll slip on the boots before I get on the airplane.  If it’s really cold where I’m landing (like deep into winter) I may even slip on some insulated leggings in the airplane restroom.

Tip: If you are indeed traveling somewhere cold, best not to wear a dress / skirt on the plane.  You’ll freeze when you get to your destination.

The key?  Wearing layers that you can conveniently put on or peel off wherever you land.

Other tips on what to wear:


-For the long flights, I’ll wear a sports bra underneath instead of a regular one.  I’m sorry for me, a regular bra is suffocating (even on an airplane) after many hours.

HQ0518W (1)

-You don’t need to pack a blanket in case your airplane doesn’t have any – a long scarf can double as a comfy blanket as well.  If I feel really cold I just cover myself with my coat.

-Wear or bring socks in case your feet get cold on the plane.


-Always bring your own pillow.  I personally prefer the kinds with beads.  You don’t want to end up on one of those flights that don’t have them.


-If you wear things like jewelry or a watch, best to pack that stuff away in your suitcase / carry on.  The taking on & off at security is cumbersome, & you risk losing your valuables.  My father once lost his watch after leaving it on a conveyor belt.  Don’t take that chance.


Fashion no nos:  

-No pajamas on the airplane.  You’re a lady, not a 12 year old girl.  That’s something the kids can get away with, maybe.


-No suits.  Not it’s not fashionable, but it’s just not comfortable on an airplane, unless you have a short flight.  And plus when you land you end up looking all wrinkled.  Pack your heels & save them for another day.


-No sweat pants or sneakers.  I know lots of people love them & they are comfy, but I think they are reserved for the gym only.  If you want something comfortable but somewhat fashionable, opt for a track suit.


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