Makeup bags!! And an affordable way to get Estee Lauder & Clinique makeup!!

Another thing every woman needs! I’ll be writing about makeup bags, train cases, & weekenders.

There are so many places to choose from. I think every woman needs more than one. Personally, i.e. I’ll have 1 for eye makeup, another 1 for lipsticks, etc. I always recommend (of course) Target; I find Sonia Kashuk makes lovely things there. She has some cool makeup bags to choose from.  Makeup bags at Target start at about $10, and go up, depending on the size.  Another great source of them would be bed bath & beyond, (there again, check for coupons, they always have them floating around, we get 20% off coupons for them all the time) and TJMaxx.

Above: The makeup bag section at my local TJMaxx

Another great place for makeup bags!  Forever21!  They’ve been expanding their beauty section & you will find the most adorable makeup bags there & they start at $5!


Makeup bags from Forever21, varying prices from $8-$10 each

The best place to get a makeup bag? In my opinion it’s Victoria’s secret. They have all shapes, sizes, colors, and some of them are shiny/sequined & can double as clutches.  And they have weekenders and train cases too!  That’s my favorite place to pick up makeup bags. Every season they change them, & you can find even more selections on ebay. I love them, they’re fabulous.  Depending upon the size, they could start at around $20.  BUT if you wait for a sale, or buy them off ebay they could be as cheap as $15.

And why only have one?  I have more than one!  Hey if they cost $10, why not?  It’s great for separating all my makeup, I even have a separate one for my little samples of perfume.

Also.. what is a train case? A train case is a larger makeup bag i.e. if you want to store all of your makeup. (They’re more for makeup artists on the go) I have quite a lot of lipsticks, so a train case is great for me.  There are also plastic train cases, which some women might prefer it over a weekender.


Even if you don’t own an ounce of makeup, you will need a weekender. What is a weekender? A weekender is a (usually plastic) makeup bag that is meant to hold your toiletries when you travel. I find the best places to get those are Target & TJMaxx. Many (not all) makeup bags are washable, just give them a good rinse in the sink / shower, in case one of your bottles leak or something.  The above photo is a Sonia Kashuk weekender.  At Target, weekenders usually start at around $15.

I love weekenders when I travel.  I’m sorry, the clear little plastic bag that the TSA allows usually is NOT big enough for me (unless it’s only a weekend getaway)  A weekender is big enough to hold all of my stuff, and clear for me to see everything in my bag.  And what to do with all of your toiletries?  There are lots of travel sized products you can buy.  Pls check out my article on travel sized items at: Travel ideas for the girl on the go!


Finally, sharing my last secret: on they sell makeup sets including the  bag of Estee Lauder, Clinique, inexpensively. (They’re usually under $35!!) Why buy it at the department store when you get it for about half price?  (This is where the Amazon prime membership is great) You can simply indulge yourself; also I find that they make great presents for your girl friends!

Get a makeup bag & get yourself organized & I hope you enjoyed my last tip!


Makeup bags at Target:

Makeup bags at Bed bath & beyond:

Makeup bags at Forever21:

Makeup bags at Victoria’s secret:

Silicone containers on Amazon:

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