New Products Featured Exclusively At Target, & Reviews!


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I came across an article in a magazine, that featured new skincare lines at Target!  With them featuring all kinds of natural skincare lines & foreign imports, of course, I had to try the new ones right away.  And the great thing about these new lines is that they are all made in the US, & all donate a portion of their sales to a charitable organization!  And all under $10!


Mayfair Soap Foundry


Mayfair’s Body Creme in Sea Lily Jasmine, $9

This is a vintage inspired bath line which includes scrubs, body soufflés, & bubble baths!  They didn’t offer a wide variety at the Target I went to; they jut offered some bath / lotions in this sea lily scent.  A very creamy lotion, & I love the smell!  It has a sweet, floral, beachy scent.  I noticed that it doesn’t take long for it to dry, & the scent lasted long on my skin even after it had absorbed.  Nice!  And every purchase Mayfair will donate proceeds to Starlight Children’s Foundation!  My Grade: B+




You Are AMAZING Vanilla Bean Exfoliating Body Scrub & Wash, $4

This one smells of sweet vanilla, which I love.  Compared to other body scrubs that I’ve tried, this one feels very sandy.  I hoped that it would be moisturizing, but no.  It’s very standard as body scrubs go.  My Grade: C+




Marlowe. No. 022 Body Butter, $10

A large jar of body butter, quite a large jar at 8 oz!  Specializing in products that unisex, their products have no indication of scents; (No. 22?) only the name of the product followed followed by a number.  This one has a nice floral scent, & it’s a light weight, whipped body butter.  Usually I prefer something heavier, but this one is quite nice!

My Grade: B+


Keep posted as I write reviews on more products, as well as my monthly Allure Beauty Box!

One thought on “New Products Featured Exclusively At Target, & Reviews!

  1. Oh my gosh I am in love with the packaging! I know it sounds stupid- but I’m the type to judge a product by how it’s packaged 😉 The vanilla scented scrub has me in love though, I’ll have to stop by Target soon!

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