How To Make Perfume LAST!

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I think all women love perfume.  Whether we like to smell sweet, flowery, fresh- whatever the scent may be; women love to smell good.  And if you’re a woman that doesn’t-well, why not?  Men are drawn to scented women.  Just the whiff of a scent is enough remind a man of the one that got away.  Wouldn’t you want to have that kind of impact?

The frustrating thing about perfume, is that once you spray it on, after a few hours, the scent has fizzled out.  And perfume in general is usually not cheap.  So what is the key to getting it to last?  Here are some tips:


Hands care

-Don’t rub.  Some people have this habit of rubbing their wrists / hands together after spraying on perfume.  Don’t do that for the friction will cause the perfume to wear out faster.


beautiful hair

-Spray your hair.  Yep that’s right!  The oils in your hair hold onto fragrance much longer than skin.  Only don’t overdo it.



-Spray some in your hairbrush before brushing your hair.  It actually lasts longer than spraying your hair directly.  And don’t worry about the next day; the scent will be gone by then.



Curel Ultra Healing Lotion, $6

-Spray some into unscented lotion.  I mentioned once before in a post; that scented lotion radiates smells more naturally than perfume does.  And that’s what you want to do; radiate a scent, not reek of it.  When it comes down to buying perfume vs. the scented lotion, the scented lotion is the better bet simply because the scent lasts longer.  Plus you get to moisturize & smell good at the same time!  Don’t have scented lotion?  No worries!  Squirt some lotion into the palm of your hand, & then spray the perfume in, then rub onto your skin.

Or, moisturize first, & then spray on your favorite perfume.  Other good options instead of lotion: vaseline or body oil!  Vaseline is great for locking in a scent!


bubble bath woman

-Put it on right after a shower.  And definitely NOT on dry skin.  Perfume, naturally lasts longer on clean skin vs. fighting body odor.  Shower, moisturize, & then spray some on!


perfume organizer

-Store in a cool dry place.  When stored properly, a perfume has a shelf life of 3 to 5 years!  And sometimes even longer!  As glamorous as it looks, never have them sitting out in the sun, or in the bathroom.  Both of the above will distort the fragrance oils.  Heat, as well as humidity, can cause your perfume to break down.


And where to get the best deals on perfume?  Check out my other post, Perfume!




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