Ways You & Your Friends Can Help Each Other Save Money!!

On a tight budget?  Find that some of your friends are too?  What is great is you can be each other’s support system, & pitch in to save each other money.


1. Instead of having a girls’ night out at that new bar on Friday night for $12 cocktails, have an even better girls’ night in.

Grab some popcorn & watch some movies!  Or get together & make dinner!  You could also trade beauty secrets, give each other tips, & teach other things!  Who says you’re too old to have girls’ sleepovers?

2. Flirting with a new designer bag? It’s in your hand, you know it’s wrong, but you’re walking up to the salesperson to ring it up — phone a friend and have her talk you off the ledge. Take a picture of the bag and text it to your group to show them that you had the willpower to pass up.

Pro tip: Still thinking about that bag a few weeks (or months) later? If you really must have it, save with a friend! She likely has something on her wish list, too, and it’s easier to commit to saving long term if you go in on it together.

3. Create friendly competition around who is doing best at cutting expenses: Think “The Biggest Money Saver”! Share how you were able to talk your cell phone provider into giving you a reduced rate or how you played your credit card companies against each other to cut your interest rate in half.  Everybody loves to hear tips on how to save money!

4. Have a clothing swap where you shop in each other’s closets; one woman’s trash is another woman’s come-up. And let’s be honest: most of us have way more dresses and tops than we need anyway.
As money issues become more intense, a like-minded community will keep you sane and moving in the right direction.  I think people who save together, win together!
5.  Set a daily / weekly saving limit.  Set goals for yourself, & perhaps encourage your friends to do the same.  You know the old technique of saving money in a cookie jar?  It still works.  The key is to setting a realistic goal that you can commit to. i.e. put a dollar in it every single day.  If you can commit to $5 a day, then try it.  This kind of commitment actually helps you save money, & you’d be surprised at how much money you end up saving in the end!

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