Jewelry!! What to wear & how to store them…

Where to buy them.. & where to put them..

Of course I’m going to be talking about costume jewelry. Real jewelry is always lovely of course, but I’m not a big fan. Generally real jewelry is worn really small; anything big & bright would be considered dangerous to wear around. And of course, I LOVE costume jewelry.

I love statement earrings, statement necklaces, bracelets, etc. I’m not big on rings in general because I tend to lose them. =/

And what to wear? Supposedly Carolina Herrera wears a long set of bangles. And why not pick up some on your travels? I have a lovely red shell necklace that I bought in the Bahamas when I went with my husband. And I love a big cuff for a night out.

Tip: for girls like me who love fake earrings but are allergic to them; I personally put a layer of clear nail polish on the needle of the earrings, let them dry, & then put them on. They do sell at claire’s, silicone backings for your earrings that you can put on the needles. They allow you to wear your favorite statement pieces without having an allergic reaction.

In every blog I write.. where to buy? The store I think that has the best costume jewelry is New York & Company. & as I’ve mentioned before they always have coupons & sales so CHECK before you go. Sign up for their email & get them by email! Forever21 always has cool pieces, and H&M has a large collection of them.  The costume jewelry that I always admire (but is a little bit out there) is from Bebe.

Above: a necklace from New York & Company, $12

In terms of online shopping Forever21 is the cheapest & offers the widest collection. NY&CO offers some things but is quite limited. Also Express & H&M also have nice selections as well. (don’t forget sign up for their email for coupons!!) A new site that has recently popped up that I quite like:, which has some really cool statement pieces. In order to buy you have to sign up for their membership (don’t worry, it’s free). They have lots to choose from & I find their pieces to be quite unique.

New finds on the market: 

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 12.00.46 AM

Charming Charlie: a store that’s recently popped up that has stores only on the Northeast coast.  Or you can shop their items online!  And they have not only lovely statement necklaces, but clothes and beautiful bags as well!



Thalia Sodi Jewelry:  For those who don’t know her, she’s considered the ‘Queen of Latin pop’.  And she’s released her own line of jewelry sold exclusively at Macy’s.  Some of her pieces are a bit big; but she has smaller, delicate pieces as well.  Click on the link to shop online or check it out at your local Macys.

How to organize your jewelry: 

And where to put all this stuff? There are many places online that sell jewelry organizers, I find quite cute the ones you can hang in your closet. I don’t have it, but I think it’s adorable to hang on the back of your door.  And of course, you could always get a lovely jewelry box to put it all in.

Professional displays: If you really want to go the professional route, (I’m going to be mentioning this site more than once) has professional displays for your jewelry, if you want them. And they are quite affordable, too! I bought the 3 tiered bracelet rack in the above picture for only $20. If you have a dresser to display them on, why not?  They also have displays for rings, necklaces, etc.

And honestly the most effective way I’ve found to hanging my necklaces?  I bought a bulletin board, & hang all of them by push pins.  This isn’t my board but in theory it could look like this.

Flat jewelry organizers: I came across this at Ikea, trays for you to display your jewelry.  Each tray was around $7.  This is more to be placed in a drawer, but if it works for you or on top of your dresser, why not?


Fashion no no: what is usually considered the 3 pieces that women can wear (earrings, necklaces, or bracelets) there is a general unwritten rule that you should only wear 2 out of the 3, & I think that is a good rule to abide by. Also, when you wear bracelets, stick to one arm. Bracelets on both arms can end up looking like handcuffs. You want to look fashionable / unique, not trashy.

And I will end with another quote from Coco Chanel when referring to accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror & take one thing off.”


For organizers:

Bracelet holders at Amazon:

Earring holders at Amazon:

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