Affordable Gifts For The Tech Savvy Woman!


It’s that time of year!  When you should be out shopping for gifts for friends, family, and coworkers (or even yourself!)  In this modern day & age, sometimes we want to get (or give) presents that are modern, functional, & useful.  And what are they?  And most importantly, can you get them inexpensively?  Here’s where I come in!



Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen gloves.jpeg

Women’s Winter Touch Screen Gloves, $10

Love to check your phone, but can’t stand to take it out when it’s freezing?  And now you don’t have to worry about that problem!  There are lots of gloves these days that are touch screen friendly.  Keep your hands warm while checking your email, & still look chic!


Wallet with Cell Phone Holder

iphone wallet case.jpeg

Iphone 6 Wallet Case, $15

Are you the kind of girl that likes your phone & wallet together?  Now you can!  You can consolidate all your money, cards, & your phone, so you don’t have to constantly dig through your bag!


Portable Speaker

Portable speaker.jpeg

XBOOM Mini Portable Capsule Speaker with Rechargable Battery, $15

Love these!  I first got these for my computer, for mine didn’t come with speakers.  And now I’ve used them for all kinds of occasions!  You can literally plug it into your smartphone, & start playing music!  I’ve used it at parties, BBQs, or even when I want to listen to music when I’m cooking!  Comes in 10 different colors, & is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!


Portable Charger


Pac2go portable charger.jpeg

Pac2Go Portable Charger, $19 each

-Find that no matter what you do, your cell phone battery just doesn’t seem to last a whole day anymore?  The list becoming longer with the things that we can do on our smart phones, it seems that we’re not accomplishing as much as we would like on a single charge. Problem solved!  Get this portable charger, plug it into your phone, & charge it whenever you like!  Whether you’re on the road, at work, or school, it can go wherever you want it to go!  (You will need to charge it at home separately, like your phone.)  I find them really convenient especially when I’m traveling.  When you see the large group of people hovering around the charging stations at airports, you can smile to yourself & be glad that you don’t have to be one of them.


Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Waterproof Iphone case.jpeg

Waterproof Cell Phone Case for Iphone 7, $22

Yes everyone has cell phone cases these days, & many of them are blingy.  But how many of them are functional (besides holding your cards)?  This one not only looks slick & chic, but is water, shock, & dirt proof!  This is great again, for traveling, or when you go to the pool or beach.  I know ideally on vacation we should unplug from technology, but I’m sure you can’t help but want to take some selfies by the water & upload them.  Now you don’t have to worry if you drop your phone in the water!  And comes in 4 different colors for you to choose from!


Iphone Charging Stand

cell phone stand.png

Cell Phone Stand, $8

Aren’t there times when you’re Face timing (or talking on Skype or Facebook Messenger) with someone, & you wish your phone would just stand up instead of trying to find things for it to lean on?  Problem solved!  I find it also comes in handy for when you would like to follow a Youtube video, & your hands are otherwise occupied.  Whether you’re following a new recipe, or trying a new makeup tutorial, no one has to know.  (Note: this does not actually come with a charger; it allows you to plug your phone into a stand)


Virtual Reality Headset

virtual reality headset.jpeg

Virtual Reality Headset with Remote Controller, $27

I remember as a kid when we saw virtual reality on TV, it was usually something we made fun of.  Now that idea has become a full functioning virtual experience!  Now they make VR headsets in all kinds of prices!  You could literally plug it into your phone & experience it from there!  Plug it in, & let the games begin..





Sweat proof Earphones, $13

Made with real wood, noise cancelling, & has perfect reviews!  Why settle for $3 earphones when you could get these, which are amazing quality for this price?


Smart Home Devices

Amazon fire stick.jpeg

Amazon Fire Stick, $30

Do you have Netflix, Hulu, & Slingtv, & wish that you could just all consolidate it into one?  Now you can!  You can also add Youtube, & Amazon Video (if you are a Prime member, Amazon Video is free!).  With the remote, you can switch back & forth between any of the streaming services!

Amazon echo dot.jpeg

Amazon Echo Dot, $40

You might ask, what is this?  Think of this as your at home version of Siri.  With voice command, you could literally ask it any question about the weather, date, time, etc.  If you have Amazon Fire TV Stick (above), you could also use voice commands to change channels, watch certain movies, & more!



Polaroid Digital Camera

polaroid instant digital camera printing technology.jpeg

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera with Printing Technology, $85

Polaroid cameras have come a long way in the past 20 years!  Now it’s been updated to a 10 megapixel camera!  You can get this camera by itself, or in a bundle with the photo paper.  I think this comes in handy at special occasions, like weddings!


Tech Backpack with Portable Charger


Ghostek Computer Laptop Backpack with Battery Power Bank, $89

-You will need this especially if you travel.  Several years ago it was just a backpack that had a slot for your computer, but nowadays you can get one that has all kinds of slots for your devices, & comes with its own charger as well!  Did you know that there are ones also that are solar powered to charge your electronics?  Who knew?  If this is out of your budget, there is a more budget friendly option backpack with charger for $51.


Professional Headphones

audio technica headphones.jpeg

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Headphones, $110

Any audiophile will tell you that Audio-Technica is a must have brand.  And professional headphones can be quite pricey, going in the hundreds!  This pair for $110, is considered 1 of the less expensive professional headphones.   If you’re not a believer check out its rave reviews!  If you would like something more wallet friendly, there’s a pair of Sony’s Noise Cancelling Headphones for $30 that has gotten good reviews!


woman computer.jpeg

I’ve given you lots of ideas that would make great gifts to almost anyone!  (Or as a great gift to yourself.)  If there is something you need that would make your life easier, then go for it!



13 thoughts on “Affordable Gifts For The Tech Savvy Woman!

  1. I love the article about tech saavy gifts for women. I am definitely showing this to my husband for him to get some ideas. I really like the Satechi Aluminum Lightning Charging Stand, That is going on my holiday wish list.


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