How To Make Your Beauty Stash Travel Friendly!

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travel girl suitcase

Makeup?  Check.  Trip planned?  Check.  But what about packing it?  I’m sure we’ve all met the dilemma of how to pack glass bottles, or how to bring a makeup palette without eyeshadows or blushes shattering into a million pieces.  Let me show you how to pack your beauty items properly without anything breaking!

How to pack:

image-Makeup palettes:line the inside lid with drawer liners.  This is a challenge for anyone, with fear that your makeup will break up into pieces like chalk.  So how do you do it?  I actually got this tip from a makeup artist friend of mine, who works at MAC; he puts drawer liner inside all of his makeup palettes!  That you could easily pick up at Target, Walmart, or the dollar store!  Cut it to the appropriate size, make it stay by rolling some tape, & it’s slim enough for…

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One thought on “How To Make Your Beauty Stash Travel Friendly!

  1. Great tips here. I never want to break makeup when I travel so I usually don’t pack it. I rather go without then to break it.


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