Staying warm in the winter.. and still be fashionable!!



“Baby it’s cold outside!” 

Brrrrr!!!  If you live in the north, these winters lately have been awfully, awfully COLD.  I wrote a post on winter clothes, but now I’m writing on how to stay warm in this brutal winter.  Here are some things I think you will need / should buy:

-Thermal underwear:  You can get them in many places like Target, Macy’s, and Old Navy for your basic thermals.  BUT for the really professional stuff that skiers use, you need Under Amour, which you can buy at, or you can simply buy on (Which is cheaper btw).  Me personally I need the leggings for my legs always feel cold in the winter.  If you need it, get it!  No one is going to know what you wear underneath your clothes.  The point is you want to be WARM.


Above: Under Amour Coldgear fitted mock, starting…

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13 thoughts on “Staying warm in the winter.. and still be fashionable!!

  1. I go for weekly hikes with my mom in the winter & we both suit up in our thermal underwear– it’s a must-have Canadian item! And there really is differing quality at stores so it’s best to invest in a thicker, moisture-wicking set that fits snug to the body to create warmth.


  2. have you ever tried Poshmark? it’s like an eBay for women’s clothing resale. I’ve found it’s great for budget shopping and getting designer duds at great prices! Anyway, love your blog. Keep it up!


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