A free present from Sephora!



Check out what I got in the mail!!!  A free set of makeup by Marc Jacobs!!  And from where?  My favorite makeup store, SEPHORA.  When you sign up for their beauty insider membership (which is free) you can accrue points to score free samples. Most of their samples that you can get are usually 100, & they can be anything from makeup to perfume, to skincare.  BUT if you wait, til you reach 500 points, you can get these sets (usually) created by Sephora themselves, with a sampling of some of the products that they offer.  There was this 1 time they offered a set by Dior, & in it they featured a sample of J’adore perfume.  I was really tempted to get it, but didn’t (because I already have a bottle of J’adore)  And at this moment, they happened to have this from Marc Jacobs!!!!


It consisted of 2 eyeliners, a lipstick, & a mascara.  (This also isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a free Marc Jacobs mascara)  Ever since I realized that I could accrue points, I started getting all my staples at Sephora.  My everyday eyeliner, facial creams & serums.  And other occasional indulgences, like gifts for friends.  =)  This is where spending does pay off!!


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