Trekking around in Taipei..

The lobby of the grand hotel401201_10150462311792633_2142611244_n

The grand hotel


The main restaurant in the Grand hotel

Eating at the Grand Hotel in Taipei!!  It was first commissioned by Chiang Kai Shek, 1st president of Taiwan, and was established in 1952.  Built in the style of a Chinese palace, he felt that there weren’t any accommodations for foreign dignitaries that would come to Taipei.  Lately, every year, my parents have been bringing me there to eat at one of their restaurants.  The hotel itself is furnished not only with hotel rooms, but with gift shops, and restaurants, including a lovely buffet.  If you ever eat at the Grand hotel, best to go during the day time so that you can get a view of the city.


Me at a restaurant called The Backyard, on top of Yang Ming Mountain with a view of the city behind me, Dress: Vince Camuto, Lip stain: Revlon Colorburst

Trekking around Taipei..  Honestly I’ve been to Taipei tons of times..  Mainly because my parents live there..  I was born in Taipei, but came to the US as a kid.  My parents have since gone back & retired.  In this post I tried to put in as many new things as I could, for there are some things in Taipei that we visit again & again every time we go.  This was a first!  My mom brought us to a restaurant that’s on top of a famous mountain in Taipei (Yang Ming Mountain), called The Backyard.  There are a few restaurants up there, as well as a university.


A partial view of the city as well as the restaurant, The Backyard


Enjoying drinks & waffles at the top of Yan Ming Mountain


My mom took us to this area called Dam shui, which is at the very northern part of the city near the ocean.  It’s literally the last stop on the subway line.  It was a nice surprise, for we had never been there before.  It’s a wonderful place to visit in Taipei, with beautiful scenic views and local shopping & street food!  It has a combination of older people coming to enjoy the scenery, as well as younger people that come for the shopping.  




Taipei 101, Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper, up close & personal


Me at in front of Taipei 101, Taipei’s famous icon & skyscraper.  Wearing another dress by Vince Camuto.  


Up closer with Taipei 101.  My mom loved this dress so much that she insisted that I give it to her.  


The buffet at the W hotel!  My hubby & I have lately gotten into the habit of going to the W hotel for its all you can eat buffet, which was introduced to us by a friend.  For about $30 a person, they have lots of Chinese, Western, sushi, sashimi, & desserts that one could easily stuff yourself with.  This just happens to be my dessert plate.  


Eating outside by the pool at the W hotel


Shopping area mainly for young people, called Ximending


Another view of Ximending


The Shilin night market!!

This photo is only a small part of the market.  Taiwan is famous for its night markets.  They have night markets that sell only food, or others that sell only clothes.  Here, they sell both.  Shilin is the largest night market in Taipei, with almost 600 vendors!!  And the great thing is that they’re open late, tip 12 or 1am.  One of the most popular things to do in Taiwan, is to try their street food.  Taiwan is known to have great food, but it’s the street food is what makes it exciting.  They have stores too, that sell all kinds of electronic gadgets, most popular items would be cell phone & iPad cases.  If you do go to Taipei, Shilin night market is a must stop!  If you do go, best not to go on a weekend.  (They’re not really open during the day, they start to open at night)  On weekends they are so packed you will find yourself elbow to elbow with all the other people there.

Our trip was kind of short, (we were only there for about a week) & I wish I could’ve spent more time there.  If you ever find the time in your life to visit Asia, you should definitely visit Taiwan!!  Taiwan is famous for its food, night markets, & the shopping generally is inexpensive.  I wish I could post all of the things that I’ve seen in Taipei over the years here.  If you do go, also visit the National Palace Museum.  It’s renowned in the Chinese speaking world for having priceless antiques that once belonged to the emperors in China.  (Before the communist government took over in Beijing)  Let Taipei be one of the places to visit on your bucket list!!


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