Taking in the famous West Lake in Hangzhou


Sweater: New York & Company, Lip gloss: Sephora

And we’re in Hangzhou!!  OK most people in the Western world haven’t heard of it.  It’s a city not far from Shanghai, about 1 hour away by train.  It’s a smaller city (compared to Shanghai) which surrounds the famous West Lake.  The West Lake famous for its seafood, and pavilions that are thousands of years old!!  There are water shows, boats rides on a daily basis.  There are still old fashioned boats which people row by hand.




The West Lake at night


Me about to take a boat ride, to one of the many islands on the lake


Different kinds of boats sailing on the West Lake, with a pagoda in the distance


Hangzhou is also home to the tomb of Yue Fei, a famous Chinese general from the Song dynasty



Song Dynasty street, where you can go shopping for local Chinese goods


Traditional food from Hangzhou


Sweet fried sticky rice, a traditional dessert

If you’re ever in Shanghai & would like to see something else besides the city, go to Hangzhou!  West Lake has been renowned throughout the country for hundreds of years.  And if you go to the good restaurants, the food is always amazing (in general) in China.  But especially in a place like Hangzhou, where they get the seafood fresh out of the lake!


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