An American in Shanghai..


In front of the the Oriental Pearl tower in Shanghai, the icon of the city   IMG_5027

Me in front of a Daoist temple in Shanghai.  Top: Jennifer Lopez from Kohl’s, Pants: New York & Company, Lip stain: Outlaw by Kat Von D, Bag: Michael Kors

A trip to Shanghai!!  Ok in this trip I went to Taipei, Shanghai, and a smaller city near Shanghai called Hangzhou.  I had been to Shanghai once, but that was 15 years ago, & china was a really different place.  This city in particular has changed by leaps & bounds.  I went to Shanghai & Hangzhou with my father, who had only planned about 2 days in each place.  I took in some sightseeing, & managed to do some shopping. IMG_4999 The view of a partial Shanghai skyline from our hotel window IMG_5043 IMG_5049

The streets of Shanghai

Shanghai is a strange city now, compared to what I saw 15 years ago.  It has ballooned to 20 million people, the largest populated city in the world!  And because of the economic boom of China in the last 10 years or so, there are lots of modern developments in Shanghai, but still there are old buildings that are perhaps more than 100 years old with people still living there.  There are the ultra new modern stores, juxtapositioned with poorer mom & pop stores that sell things like i.e. dumplings.  I guess that reflects how Chinese society is nowadays, with its wide spectrum of the very rich & the very poor.IMG_4998 Traditional Shanghainese food


We’re going up the Oriental Pearl Tower!!

The famous Oriental Pearl Tower.  You can pay for a ticket to go up an elevator and view from their observation deck.  In the top ball, there is a restaurant that turns.  I’ve been to restaurants like that where you can get a 360 degree view while you eat, so it didn’t really interest me to go again.

IMG_5066 IMG_5074 Views of the Pudong area from the Oriental Pearl Tower IMG_5079 Looking down from one of the observation decks..  Look how high up we are!!  And yes those are my feet.. IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5101 YuYuan Gardens, which lights up at night, is a famous shopping area in Shanghai.  It’s renowned for its temple, garden, & selling of local goods.  

Theres a saying in Chinese, “You are where your father’s from”.  So basically I should be telling people I’m Shanghainese.  But no offense to anyone from Shanghai, but I have no interest in saying it.  BUT I will say I wish my dad had planned more than 2 days so I could take in more sightseeing.

I hope you enjoyed my post on my trip to Shanghai!  Next will come my trips to Hanghzhou, & also Taipei.


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